Looking for a cruiser bike for my 5 feet 2 inch wife

The 2017 model does not have ABS and I have been asking her to at least upgrade to the new Avenger which has ABS on the back wheel.

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The lady is the wife. She has been riding an Avenger since 2017. I have a used Thunderbird since 2014.

December 2020 when the Meteor was out, we went to check it. It was quite tall for her. Avenger is 737 mm. Perfect for her. Meteor is 765 mm.

I went and bought a KTM Adventure 390 as I used up the opening wisely. She enjoys the pillion rides on the Adventure but she misses the action. We still have the Thunderbird - everyone loves the bike and prefer to pillion on it. I am digressing.

Couple of weeks back, we went on a day ride from Bangalore to Aiyur Reserved Forest in Tamil Nadu (untouched by tourists - recommend it). She felt the lack of power in Avenger. And the vibration that comes after 60-70. Also she is jealous of the Thunderbird.

The 2017 model does not have ABS and I have been asking her to at least upgrade to the new Avenger which has ABS on the back wheel.


My Must haves:

A bike which has ABS - preferably in both wheels.

Her Must haves:

  • She wants a bike with height preferably lesser than Avenger’s seat height - but can push till 750mm.
  • A bike which has cruiser stance. No negotiation on this.
  • A bike which should sound great.
  • A bike which has chrome (Damn you Thunderbird).


Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser.

Yet to be launched. Rumours are saying March 2022. One of my colleagues in Kerala waited for 8 months for a Meteor and went and bought a KTM. There are funny memes in Twitter with skeletons waiting for their RE.

Avenger 400

Not yet launched. No spy photos even. Just some speculations.

Vulcan 650

Now we are stretching our budget by a lot. We will have to go for a loan - mind says never buy a depreciating asset on a loan. But heart trumps mind.

Now I am for it. It does not look like a Harley but it has got the soul of the Ninja and has dual ABS.

Sunday we went to the only Kawasaki Showroom in Bangalore - in Langford Road, and they did not have a test ride - nor even a show piece. The sales guy said he will arrange somehow.

The lady is least enthusiastic. I showed her the Team BHP thread on Vulcan and she is now using the cons from it. Like the low clearance the bike has and the dull look a Vulcan has (no chrome).

Benelli 502 C

The urban cruiser. Personally I did not like the looks - but price was lesser than Vulcan by almost 2 Lakhs and has good gear. I saw a great video of it yesterday explaining the C - Cruiser (ok), Cheap (ok), Chinese (not ok). And the lady hated the looks. I thought if I took her to the show room her mind will change, but she refused.

Triumph Speedmaster

This one is costlier than our car (Honda BRV). She says - when did you buy me a diamond ever? Valid point - but Diamonds are cheaper I think.

Where I need help

I don’t know how to convince her to take the Vulcan. She wants to continue riding the 2017 avenger till a better cruiser comes along.

  • It is not safe
  • I feel guilty and want her to enjoy a well-built bike

Are there any other bikes which meet our criteria? Or how to convince the wife on the Vulcan.

Thanks in advance.

Here's what BHPian shancz had to say on the matter:

You can't, her requirements are quite clear and her stand is also correct.

None I can think of.

The limit with the 750mm seat height will rule out most bikes.

Currently the Avenger 220 Cruise is the only one that meets the criteria which you already have.

Future, might see a bigger Avenger or the TVS Zeppelin but if Honda decide to bring the Rebel with chrome that would be a perfect match on your requirements. But all these are hopes with no news as of now.

It's going to be tough finding your bike, wish you all the best.

Here's what BHPian 2000rpm had to say on the matter:

Modifying the Meteor seat may be an option. Actually apart from the Avenger 220, this may be your only option. I don't expect low bikes to be launched in India because of the bad roads here.

You can go the Harley route but that will add so much weight to the bike.

Here's what BHPian ninjatalli had to say on the matter:

Did you guys check out the Jawa Perak? IIRC its seat/saddle height is at 750 mm, should fit all/most of your other criteria. Not exactly a cruiser but might fit the requirement otherwise.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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