Loose USB-A ports in my Hyundai i20: Want to switch to USB-C ports

I use them for charging and Apple CarPlay but they become loose and the connection gets lost while going through small rough patches.

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Hello all,

I have a Hyundai i20 that I bought in 2020. It comes with USB-A ports for charging and CarPlay connections. It's loose and the connection is lost while going through small rough patches.

The new model year update of the i20 comes with USB-C ports. I asked a Hyundai service centre but they refused to swap. The Hyundai accessories website also doesn't have this part. Does anyone know where can I get this part?

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What you are asking for is not an accessory and obviously Hyundai A.S.S won't be entertaining it. Get the part number from them and order online (like, Boodmo).

Easy fix, get an adapter like this, Work around the metal surround so that it fits tight.

Or if you are not bothered about the warranty, get C type PCB and get it soldered to the OE harness.

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I would rather suggest you change the USB cable and check if the issue persists. Quite often, the problem is with the cable and not the port. Also, USB-A ports are more robust than type C.

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Your problem is two fold then - the current port is loose, and you prefer a USB-C port instead?

Is the USB-C port on the new i20 a direct fit, in terms of size, placement and wiring? If so, you can try asking Hyundai just for the part, or get the part no. and order on Boodmo.

Given that you got your car in 2020, it may still be in standard/extended warranty. Changing the port can give the ASC an excuse to void the warranty.

You can try getting the factory-fitted USB-A port replaced under warranty (if applicable, else at your cost), and then use one of these adapters. My car also gets the USB-A ports all around, and since I got the new iPhone with USB-C, I had to get one, and it works perfectly. The phone charges without overheating, and Apple CarPlay works without a hitch.

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