Mahindra replaces a part on my XUV700 under warranty & clears my doubt

The GM of the service centre ensured that my car was attended to in a swift manner & the issue was diagnosed at the earliest.

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There are obviously fundamental capability differences between a FWD & RWD car. Also a monocoque and ladder frame kind. That set aside, the XUV700 powertrain is extremely capable. In my last FWD car (XUV500), there were only a few times I felt the need for the power in rear wheels - that was when I was attempting to climb up on a very steep incline with bald tires in Sakhaleshpur and a couple of times when the front wheels were stuck in rut.

Unless you expect yourself doing these things, XUV700 in its fwd avatar should do just fine! It has got enough grunt and torque to keep you out of trouble.

My car has picked tons of battle scars! I would be happy to repaint the entire exterior after three years into the ownership for the same cost as I would need to do the PPF etc.

Replacement under warranty for power window winding motor

The front left passenger side power window stopped working on Friday. It was neither being operated with a switch on the Passenger door nor the Driver door. I suspected the blown fuse or faulty winding motor - the known issue for the last 10 years in XUVs.

I reached out to a friend who got me to connect with GM of the Service Centre at Anant Cars on Bannerghatta Road. The GM ensured that my car was attended to in a swift manner. They diagnosed the issue to be a faulty winding motor and got it replaced too under warranty. Everything took about 90-100 minutes on Saturday morning and all is back to normal.

The fun part now is - when I use the “Lock Windows” button on the driver side, it only locks the windows on second rows and prevents them from being operated by the switches on those respective doors.

IIRC, the co-driver window also used to get locked earlier when I disabled the window rolling using the lock button on the driver door pad. But now the co-driver window doesn’t get locked at all! The co-driver can operate it at his/her will regardless of the position of the switch on the driver pad. Not sure if this is something I did not notice earlier or if something changed after replacing the winding motor.


A good surprise call this morning! The good folks from Anant Cars reached out to clarify the passenger-side window's operation. It looks like the XUV700 front door power windows always operate regardless of the window lock button state. That's the feature I never noticed. The Anant Cars team went to the length of explaining the feature and ensured that I was satisfied with them. I like this proactive approach of Anant Cars - contrary to my experience with them from the XUV500 days. Kudos to M&M for trying to make positive growth and progress every time, even if it’s an inch of progress - it's in the positive direction.

This episode is like an easter egg - in my XUV500, I kept discovering different storage places available across the cabin every time I accessed the area.

By the way, have any new AT owners (cars manufactured in the last month or so) discovered the new feature on the XUV700 that AT now comes with a Micro-Hybrid feature for start and stop of the engine when you stop at a signal? There is a button on the dashboard on the right side, where you see the switch cluster for HDC, AWD etc. Saw this in a picture on our TORC group channel recently and an owner confirmed it too.

I'm also glad that these folks (including M&M) keep seeing these TBhp threads and other social media to ensure they have an eye on customer issues/complaints and work on them in a proactive manner.

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