Mahindra XUV 400: A first time EV owner shares his impressions

We were driving an EV for the first time and immediately fell in love with the silence and the performance of the vehicle.

BHPian NuttyG recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

This is my first posting in team-bhp and would start by expressing the joy the vehicle had brought to our family. The vehicle buying journey is as follows:

Finalising the vehicle: We already are having a diesel hatchback and were scouting for an upgrade to a good-performance vehicle. We had almost finalized and proceeded for booking a diesel SUV. That was when teaser from Mahindra was released about their first electric vehicle that is proposed to be launched in 2023. Hence, the plan for booking the diesel SUV was kept on hold. On 26th of January, as soon as the booking started, we made online booking for Mahindra XUV400.

Booking process was seamless and there was absolutely no issues in booking. There was a slight delay in receiving the booking confirmation mail – which gave a bit of jitter. Nevertheless, after a while, we received the mail.

Interaction with the Dealer: Since the restriction was there in number of dealers handling electric vehicle, we visited India Garage dealer and explored the vehicle in and out. As there was a lot of pending test drives, we decided that we shall not proceed with test drive. Satisfied about the overall package of vehicle, we left the dealership after getting as much details from the SR.

After waiting for almost 1 ½ months, finally we received from the charger installation team seeking convenient time for conducting survey. The team arrived in time, conducted survey and provided their inputs.

After a week, SR called and intimated about vehicle allocation and started the process for delivery. Payment to the vehicle was made as per the quotation and waited for the delivery.

Delivery process: Vehicle was registered on 21.02.2023. Upon completion of registration of the vehicle, SR intimated about the delivery date. As 22nd March was Ugadi, we requested for delivery on that day. But due to administrative reasons and this being first EV being delivered by the dealer, they asked to take delivery of vehicle on 23.03.2023 – was a bit disappointed. We tried to escalate the same to the Manager of SR – but to no avail. So, the delivery was planned for 23rd.

On the delivery day, we reached the dealership and found huge crowd – SR intimated that lot of vehicles were slated to be delivered. We completed the PDI and all documentation formalities & waited for the taking home the black copper beauty.

After brief wait and completion of celebrations, the vehicle was delivered.

Initial impressions: We were driving an EV for the first time and immediately fell in love with the silence and the performance of the vehicle. The vehicle has good control, performance and almost all required comfort levels.
Vehicle was taken for pooja and a short drive. The following are the pros and cons noticed during the initial runs.

Pros: Comfort, silence, ease of driving, complete control, available safety equipments, L-mode drive – very good for driving in city, Electronic P-gear mode, abundant space in both rows and boot

Cons: Non availability of hillhold control, fog lamps, non-availability of USB/ charging port, AC vent for back seat passengers.

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