Mahindra XUV300: My experience clocking 50,000 km in just 2 years

With this running, I'm glad I invested in a diesel and the Mahindra continues to thrill.

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50,000 km in 2 years with a XUV 300 W8(O) MT Diesel

Having run 30,000 km in July and 40,000 km in November, the vehicle crossed 50,000 km just before the 2 year mark. When I first bought it in March '21, I had apprehensions about buying a Mahindra and my first diesel car. My trusted mechanic who did the PDI and drove for 20 km before delivery told me this will just keep on running.

Having upgraded the speakers, it was pure bliss driving.

The 3 point seat belt having been installed earlier there was still one thing bugging me, which was the r 16 spare tyre. I ordered a r 17 steel rim from Boodmo and they delivered the correct size at the 3rd attempt. As I had changed the tyres to Conti at 20000 km, I fit the old MRF Ecotred to the new rim. The fit was very snug, and one has to put down the back seat to slide it in and was able to fit the boot floor at the lower level without problems.

My daily running is 14 km and I like to get out on Saturday evening after work with my wife after work, usually to Trichy or Pondy, at least once a fortnight.

I've taken it to a resort past Nagercoil, a drive of 650 km one way, and the long drives leave you without any tiredness.

Recently did a 5700 km road trip touching 8 states and I had the chance to sit in the back seat while my friend drove for a few hours and I found it extremely comfortable and the AC also was adequate. I hope to write about this sometime.

I had 2 punctures so far, thankfully not at the sidewall.

With this running, I'm glad I invested in a diesel and the Mahindra continues to thrill.

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