Mahindra XUV700: ADAS gets OTA update while driving, resets features

I switched off and switched on the car and the error was gone.

BHPian bill1182 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Today when I was driving down the Mumbai Pune expressway, I got a Hill Descent Control error. To clear the error, I parked the car on the hard shoulder and switched off the engine, waited for a minute. Started the car again and the error was no more.

Started driving down the expressway again and noticed that all ADAS options had reset. Lane assist was switched off. Smart Pilot was unchecked. Also, the drive mode has reset itself to Zap mode. I was driving in Zip mode when this happened. This was very strange. I activated all the options again and it started working as expected.

I tried checking the software version and it now shows 7.0.12. When it was last updated by the workshop during the first service it was 7.0.11.

I am unable to understand this issue. Has anyone else witnessed the OTA update of the software? Can someone who has 7.0.11 updated, please check and confirm if the software version in their car has automatically updated to 7.0.12?

This also raises many questions with regards to the reliability of tech-enabled cars where any such software update may brick the system while you are driving and can pose a big risk.

Planning to go to the service centre tomorrow to understand this more. Will keep you all updated on this.

P.S: Got a fantastic FE of 21KMPL as per the MID

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