MAHLE heating systems for electric cars

MAHLE's PTC heaters are claimed to be cheaper, more efficient and compact in size.

MAHLE has introduced high voltage positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters for electric cars. These are claimed to be cheaper, more efficient and compact in size and are said to increase cruising range by up to 20% when combined with a heat pump.

Heat drains energy, which is why using a heater during winter months takes a toll on the car's available cruising range. MAHLE's new generation high voltage PTC heater is claimed to improve performance during the winter.

The latest generation PTC heater does away with temperature sensors and instead uses a system of hardware and software, which incorporates the heating elements and integrates all of the functions. The built-in electronics continuously analyse the electrical resistance of the PTC elements in the heater and thus know and are able to adjust their temperature.

MAHLE's PTC heaters are used in many vehicles worldwide. But, its latest product has been specifically developed for electric vehicles. The company offers complete systems including heat pumps and electric auxiliary heaters.

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