Maruti S-Presso AGS: Ownership update after 6 months & 2400 kms

The glue quality or the fitting standard of MGA molding is horribly sub standard and has started to peel off in mine.

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Maruti S-Presso ownership update @ 2400 kms and 6 months:

Services done: 1st and 2nd service ( 350 bucks each for some sanitization and windshield wash pouches). Picked up and dropped off at home free of charge as service center is nearby.

Overall mileage in 100% inner city use with AC on: 13.2 km/l

Upgrades and the corresponding pics below:

Upgraded MRF ZLX 185/6 R14 from delivery day itself. Soft ride and steering effort also remains the same:

Frameless wipers ( highly recommended). the Standard ones start the screeching noise in 1 month:

Added MGA side door and wheel arch moldings to prevent untoward scratches and my dad goes ahead and scratches another place! ( backed up close to a no parking board and ended up kissing it). Talk about luck. Kept it as it is for now, since this is daily runner and no time now to keep it in paint shop. Also better to have a small scratch to remind us:

Interior upgrades:

Retrimmed and rebolstered the seats with added side support and thigh support, plus diamond stitch pattern. The seats are significantly more comfortable now, only draw back is people of wider proportions end up sitting on the seat bolsters than IN the seat itself ( this is a problem for the front seats). Rear is ok. but since this is mostly for my father and average height folks in my family, it is ok. Total damage -18,000 bucks and 2 days downtime for getting these stitched.

You can also see the horn change over switch, blank Minda switches I have added and also the elegant cord floor mats ( these are a perfect fit and tailored for each model by the company):

Rear seats and floor mats:

Cockpit view: Steering wheel stitched in art leather and now just the right thickness to hold, reverse sensor display on left side A pillar, added an air purifier which I had brought from Japan - the white one, day/night mirror from Boodmo and upgraded cabin lamp to LED):

Trunk with MGA 3D mat:

Added rear stop and indicator combo LEDs (I know, I ditched the reflectors, but this car will be city bound only with no remote chance of highway duty).

Also visible is the upgraded 4 sensor reverse parking sensor system (Maruti one is only 2 and dad wanted an upgraded 4 sensor one):

A word of caution. The glue quality or the fitting standard of MGA molding is horribly sub standard and has started to peel off in mine. Will need to take it to my accessory shop and get it redone with proper glue. Also the alignment of these panels in the front and rear door is not right and the workmanship is very shoddy. Maruti has the guts to charge Rs. 8000 + for these pieces of plastic and the very basic they can ensure is to get their service center folks to do a proper job of fixing this:

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