A reliable car for the highway: Tata Altroz vs Hyundai i20 N-line

A Polo would be nice, but the VW dealer I talked to said they're all sold out. That leaves only two options: i20 N Line and Altroz Turbo.

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Hey everyone,

I have finally decided to take the plunge and buy a new car. Although I have been considering used options, the state I will be located in (GA) does not seem to have a great variety of the kind of cars I want, so buying new seems wiser & easier.

My requirements are: I want something reliable I can commute (~50 km) with every day. I want the car to feel capable and nice to drive on highways for road trips (this is why I am ruling out the i10, Swift, etc).

I basically want a petrol hatchback that's highway capable and easy to live with. I have had enthusiast dreams in the past, but I am having to let them go as I realise that my work won't allow the kind of downtime that temperamental cars require. I had posted a while ago about manual transmission FTD cars, but that's not on my radar (alas) any more.

A Polo would be nice, but the VW dealer I talked to said they're all sold out. That leaves (afaik) only two options: N Line and Altroz Turbo. The N Line to me seems better in every respect than the Altroz, other than safety. It's quicker, probably easier to maintain, seems more reliable, etc. But the 3 star rating is a downer.

I just wanted to ask. Am I missing an option that I should consider? Should I give the Altroz a serious look? I don't like how slow it is (from what reviews describe). In the end, which is the better car? Should I care about the safety rating even though I also ride a motorcycle, which essentially has a negative 100 safety rating?

I think it's a lacuna in our market, that for the sort of requirement I have (and within this kind of budget), there are essentially only two options, both of which are compromised in serious ways. Have I overlooked something? I am 80% of the way there towards booking an i20, but I just wanted to ask on there before I take the plunge.

Things I don't care about: Automatic or manual, rear seat space, boot space, looks, features.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

50 km commuting per day makes this a no-brainer. You absolutely need an automatic. If you aren't an MT -> AT convert today, you will become one soon (as a majority of BHPians have become). Go for the i20 N-Line DCT. Fast, fun, practical as a family car. You'll enjoy it. Be sure to check our Official Review as well as ChiragM's ownership report on the car. Small + fast is a lot of fun, and the i20 N-Line will leave you giggling.

Yes, it has gotten 3 stars vs the Altroz's 5 stars, but you also ride a Even a 3-star car is 100X safer than a motorcycle.

The Altroz variants to buy are the Turbo-Diesel (no AT so not for you) or the DCT (fantastic commuter, but mediocre outright performance). Between the Altroz & i20 ATs, would suggest the i20 DCT for you due to the power on tap.

Here's what BHPian Turbohead had to say on the matter:

If you're running is 50km per day, any reason why you don't want to look at diesels?

I believe Altroz diesel is more preferred than the turbo petrol but I guess only you can take a call after driving both.

Looking at the range of cars you have picked, any chance you can stick in a Honda City manual petrol base model? It's petrol if you want to stick to this choice and it's decently equipped with a great engine. Plus it's reliable.

Here's what BHPian divirokr had to say on the matter:

Considering the options you are considering, you seem to have a budget of ~11-12 lakhs. In that price range, the Honda City 4th Gen V variant is also worth considering (or perhaps the 5th Gen Base variant).

Between Altroz and i20 Turbo / N line, go for i20 Asta Turbo/N6 depending on the features which you prefer. I personally prefer Naturally Aspirated engines over Turbo engines.

Other non-turbo Hatchbacks which you can consider are Honda Jazz and Toyota Glanza.

Here's what BHPian vedirah had to say on the matter:

I think for your requirements, the i20 N Line is the right choice, however safety is an issue. If performance is not a big concern, why don't you consider the jazz? It's a reliable car, and comparatively safer.

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