2 years with my Altroz Turbo Dark Edition: Pros & cons after 18,000 km

Fuel efficiency on the highway is 15-18 km/l. As for the Tata service, it is really a hit or miss.

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Greetings Bhpians,

I'm thrilled to share my two-year journey with my cherished Tata Altroz Turbo Edition, which has now clocked an impressive 18,000 kilometers. To provide some context, I've previously owned the Elite i20 Petrol and currently also have a Nissan Magnite Turbo Manual variant. In this recount, my primary comparisons will be drawn between these two cars.

In 2021, I set out to find a new car within a budget of 10 lakhs, with a willingness to stretch it to 12 lakhs if needed. My key criteria were exceptional build quality, spacious interiors, and good performance.

The initial contenders included the Ford Ecosport TDCI. Despite its solid build and impressive engine performance, rumors of Ford's potential exit from India and the prospect of a facelift caused some uncertainty. The back seat was a bit cramped, but not a deal-breaker. With a promise of delivery within 10 days and assurances about Ford's continued presence in India, the Ecosport remained a contender.

Next on the list was the Tata Nexon 1.2 Petrol. With a 5-star safety rating, robust build, and satisfactory fit and finish, the Nexon impressed. The 1.2 turbo petrol engine delivered decent city performance, with a fun sports mode for quick overtakes. However, a waiting period of 3-4 months for the XZ Plus variant made us explore other options.

Considering the budget constraints, the Hyundai Creta was a bit beyond reach. Having already owned an Elite i20, the focus shifted to exploring other Tata offerings.

Enter the Tata Altroz. While we initially settled on the Nexon, the lengthy waiting period prompted us to check out the Altroz, particularly the Dark Edition Turbo variant. Surprisingly, the dealer had one in stock and ready for immediate delivery. After a thorough pre-delivery inspection and VIN verification, the Altroz 1.2 Turbo Dark Edition found its place in my garage.

Here's to two years of driving joy with the Altroz, a decision that aligned with my preferences and provided a seamless ownership experience.


  • Balanced Performance: The 1.2T engine delivers commendable driveability and satisfactory performance, striking a good balance on the road.
  • Looks: Altroz catches the eye with its stunning exterior, complemented by a solid build that adds to its allure.
  • Interiors: Step inside to experience a pleasant interior adorned with quality components and ample space for a comfortable ride.
  • Space Management: The Altroz boasts one of the largest boots in its segment, offering a generous 345-litre storage capacity.
  • Mature Road Manners: Displaying maturity on the road, Altroz excels at highway speeds, ensuring a stable and composed driving experience.
  • Top-Tier Safety: Achieving a 5-star NCAP safety rating, the Altroz prioritizes your safety with features like dual airbags, CSC, and a rest break reminder. Solid build and construction compared to almost all competitors in this category.
  • Music System: Elevating the driving ambiance, the Harman 8-speaker ICE stands out as one of the best audio systems in its segment.
  • Feature-Rich: Packed with impressive features like auto headlamps & wipers, cruise control, leatherette seats, and an adjustable armrest, Altroz caters to the modern driver's needs.


  • Awkward seating entry, thick A-pillar design.
  • No wireless Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.
  • Mediocre paint quality.
  • Short service intervals at 7500 km or 6 months.
  • Headlights, especially low beam, are just average.
  • Tata ASS is a hit or miss.

Engine Performance:

I went for the turbo version because I wanted a decently powered car – 107BHP and 140NM torque. It handles a heavy load well, and you can smoothly drive at low speeds. The engine is strong at 1800 to 2400 RPM. It's not as quiet as some other engines, but it's a good mix of power and efficiency. Sports mode is enough for most of the cases.

Steering, Clutch, and Gearshifts:

The steering is light and gets a bit heavier as you speed up. It gives decent feedback. The clutch is super light. Gear shifts are mostly smooth, except for 1st and Reverse gear which sometimes need a bit more effort.


At first, I thought the brakes weren't great, but they get better with more use. In the morning, the brakes feel sharp for a bit, but it's not a big issue.

City/Highway Driving:

It's easy to drive in the city or on the highway. The car feels sturdy, and the suspension handles bad roads well. It's a bit firm at slow speeds, but you'll get used to it.

Interior and Music System:

The music system from Harman is good, with clear sound from 4 speakers and 4 tweeters. More bass would be nice. Inside, there's plenty of space for your stuff. Some things could be put together better, but it's not a big problem. When I connect the audio system via Bluetooth, there's a 2-second delay, but it gets fixed when I connect to Android Auto, and the sound quality also improves. Radio reception is poor but I don't use it so ignored it.

Fuel Efficiency:

I'm getting around 10 to 12 kmpl (tankful to tankful) in the city and 15-18 kmpl on highways. I drive mostly in the city, about 75% of the time.

Service Experience:

I bought my car from a Tata dealership in Coimbatore. At first, the general service experience was average. However, things turned nightmarish when my car got into an accident, causing significant damage to the passenger-side doors. The impact was severe, and I was advised to replace both doors and the back bumper.

We filed an insurance claim, and they ordered the necessary parts, giving us a timeline of 2-3 weeks for the repairs. Unfortunately, what was supposed to take a few weeks ended up dragging on for two months. During this time, there was a lack of communication from the service center. I had to consistently reach out for updates.

Every time I called, they provided excuses such as staff being on leave, power outages, and even running out of paint stock for my specific dark edition, which needed a separate order. This lack of transparency and constant follow-up on my end made the overall service experience quite frustrating.

When I finally went to pick up my car after the repairs, I noticed that it was covered in dust. To my surprise, they were asking for an additional 5000 rupees for both interior and exterior cleaning. The problem was on their end, as they left the car unattended for so long with the windows open, leading to the dust issue.

They did a sloppy job with the repairs. When I picked up my car, the doors were jammed, and they weren't closing or opening properly. The locks and power windows were also not working. Exhausted and lacking the strength to argue, I took my car and left, planning to take it to another service center in Coimbatore.

I immediately took the car and gave it outside to a detailing mafia store for a thorough cleaning and got it cleaned. I am happy that the dealership in question was closed by Tata. They were lethargic and incompetent.

After reading Google reviews, I decided to give my car to SGA Tata for repairs. I explicitly mentioned all the problems, but to my dismay, they returned my car without fixing any of the issues. The service manager called for feedback, and I expressed my frustration about the unresolved problems.

He requested me to send the car back, promising personal attention. After some days, I sent the vehicle again, and this time they properly addressed and fixed all the issues before returning the car.

Driving Experience and Visibility:

The car is comfortable to drive, seats are also height adjustable for a better view. It's not too soft or too firm, but could use better side support. Visibility is mostly good, but the front pillar might block your view a bit. You'll get used to it quickly, though.

I've taken my car on many trips to places like Ooty, Munnar, Kodaikanal, Rameshwaram, Madurai, Allepy, and Kumarakom, and it has never let me down on the road. All the drives were comfortable. The only issue I faced was occasional screen jittering, but other than that, no problems.

Finally some images of my Black Beast

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