Maruti Suzuki Jimny - 1 month & 2,300 Km later

In one month, the Jimny has seen it all - 4-lane highways, state highway, off-road with 4H/4L, city runs etc.

BHPian PrideRed recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

1 month and clocked about 2,300 KM with Jimny. Car has seen all - 4lane highways, state highway, off road with 4H/4L, city runs etc. While most of my initial impression stays, have slightly different opinion on ride quality. While its brilliant on bad stretch or at slow speeds, at higher speeds(I know Jimny struggles to do that), there is bit more sideways movement than I prefer, especially when road surface is uneven. AC is super effective, green glass and small cabin helps. The other aspect I was wrong is the gearbox.

The clutch is super light (especially after driving my Hilux MT) and gears now slot much better(though Hilux has better shift quality). The FE has been around 13-15 KMPL or so overall, which is fine. As for issues, there is a rattling sound from roof above drivers seat, will get this checked at service center.

Few other updates:

- I love the front seats, very comfortable. Cushioning is perfect and offers some upper back support too.

-Swapped grille to gloss black one.

-Added center armrest for convenience. Suzuki should have provided this from factory.

-Nexa Blue is a dust magnet. Quite a task to keep it clean.

- Black bumper and wheel cladding requires bit more effort to keep clean especially after a off-road drive.

- The duelers are silent on tarmac and perform decently well off-road. Coincidentally all cars I own now have Bridgestone tires, 3 cars have duelers, 1 has Turanza and last one Ecopia.

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