Mercedes launches extended warranties of up to 6 years

Mercedes-Benz India has launched extended warranty packages spanning up to 6 years. The German automaker has collaborated with Daimler Financial Services India and Reliance General Insurance for this new warranty product, called Advanced Assurance Program. Prior to this launch, Mercedes-Benz owners were being offered warranties of up to 4 years.

Mercedes cars currently come with a standard 3-year warranty (2-year standard warranty + 1-year STAR CARE). The Advanced Assurance Program will offer warranty benefits after the completion of this 3-year standard warranty. It will be available in three packages - 4th year, 4th and 5th year, and 4th, 5th and 6th year. The extended warranty can be bought any time before the completion of the standard 3-year warranty. Additionally, a customer can also exit the package after enrolling, provided that the standard warranty period hasn't lapsed.

The said extended warranty packages are not limited by the number of kilometres a car has been driven and thus offer unlimited mileage. Moreover, these programmes can be transferred to subsequent owners in case the vehicle is sold. It must be noted that Mercedes will be offering the extended warranty packages only to non-commercial customers.

Interested customers can visit the company's official website to get a quote of the Advanced Assurance Program for their cars by using an online calculator.

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