Meru cabs app now gives option of tipping its drivers

The Meru cabs app now has an option which allows customers to offer cashless tips to the drivers.

At the end of every ride, the customer gets a notification to rate the experience with the option to tip the driver. Customers can choose between Rs. 10, Rs. 20 and Rs. 50, however the app selects 'No Tip' as the default option. The selected tip amount is deducted from the customer's mobile wallet linked to the Meru App.

According to Meru, the tip option was added to the app after the company received requests from customers who were willing to tip the driver as a token of appreciation. 

Meru operates in 24 cities across India. The company offers local as well as outstation services and point-to-point as well as hourly rental packages. Meru offers outstation services to 100 cities and over 7,000 destinations.

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