Multiple issues with my Mahindra e2o Plus, their cause & solution

The car was suddenly dying on me and the "EV warning light" was coming on while driving.

BHPian SS-Traveller recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Over the last month, the E2O has been temperamental. It would go into 'sleep mode' while driving (but wake up promptly when the 'wake up' button was pushed for 15 seconds), the steering would refuse to centre up and pull the car to the right, and the 'EV Warning Light' would show up occasionally. A visit to Koncept Mahindra at Mohan Cooperative Estate later, I had a new auxiliary battery installed. The old battery was apparently not holding up 12v and more when under load, and it was 3 years old.

The problem of the car suddenly dying on me, and / or the EV light coming on while being driven, didn't go away - until I noticed that it would only happen when the car was steered to full left lock. Inference: Something was wrong with the EPS module. The expert there told me it was repairable, though a new unit would cost ₹24k, if at all it can be procured from M&M.

So I left the car at Koncept again after Christmas, and the EPS module was taken out for repair. Got the car back after 4 days, with the EPS module repaired and a temperature sensor on the battery (cell #7) replaced. Over the last 7 days, it hasn't died on me, and no warning light has popped up, even when turning the steering to full lock on either side. The only (mild) bugbear is that the steering is pulling slightly to the left now (wheel alignment and / or EPS module calibration needed), and the steering wheel is not centred when driving straight (again, alignment and calibration needed).

Will make a quick trip next week to get this fixed, but the car is doing just fine otherwise. Total expense of less than ₹10k, including the new battery (₹5.2k) and all the repairs, didn't hurt too much!


The pull-to-left-side problem was resolved after a visit yesterday to Koncept again, where the front wheel alignment was corrected and the EPS module was calibrated through a laptop, while I waited. The car is tracking straight now, and drives as good as expected.

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