My 2016 XUV500 suffering from throttle lag: Need advice for a fix!

I wanted to get some sense as to what could be the probable cause/s of this glitch so that I can have a better idea.

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Hi everyone, need some advice on an issue that's cropped up in the last 7-10 days in my 2016 XUV 500 W 10 AT FWD (ODO 91950). sometimes while driving especially when we decelerate (due to maybe stalled traffic or something) and when trying to accelerate again the pedal press does not translate to throttle response immediately (within 0.5 sec or so as was usual previously) it takes a leisurely Rs 3-5 sec before the vehicle pulls ahead.

Once it does respond then it accelerates normally until it happens again randomly. It doesn't happen every time but frequently enough to raise a concern.

I will take it to the dealership in a day or two but before I do I wanted to get some sense as to what could be the probable cause/s of this glitch so that I can have a better idea and be in a position better cross-question them or direct their efforts in case they can't figure it out or try and push some stopgap measure to save their efforts.

Any and all insights and ideas are welcome!

Update: I did visit the service centre and after the test drive the SA was of the opinion that the air filter might be the reason but since the car went in for the routine 90k service just a month ago shouldn't the air filter have been assessed then? He, however, did assure that the throttle cleaning would also be done so lest hope the issue resolves.

Here's what Sran had to say on the matter:

Your car most probably needs a throttle body cleaning. In the worst-case scenario, there might be some controller problem i.e. delay in the signal transfer which can be rectified by checking error codes.

Here's what BHPian vinjosep had to say on the matter:

Our XUV500, manual 2015, had a similar behaviour a year or so back. The service centre replaced the "vacuum modulator" (that's what they called it). From the way they were so sure that this was the culprit, I felt it was a common problem with the 500. The cost was ~2500 IIRC. Yes, it did bring back the mojo.

Here's what BHPian Gypsian had to say on the matter:

Check the air filter for dust, if no issues are found get an OBD scanning done in private, probably might cost you around 1000 INR. The vacuum modulator may be the culprit, but it makes a buzzing noise if gone kaput.

Scanning your car before heading to the service centre is advised. Keep us posted once it's diagnosed.

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