My brand new Tata Harrier Dark: Likes & Dislikes after 350 km

Experimenting with the detailed features, Apple CarPlay, Dashcam etc. is ongoing and will share focused updates on each.

BHPian Jaisalmeriya recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

350 KM Update

Sharing some pictures to start with:

I Have not been able to go on a decent long run owing to work commitments, and we have just pottered around in the city and some office runs so far.

The Good So Far:

  1. The car now proudly dons the Live to Drive Team-BHP sticker.
  2. The PPF coating has held up well in spite of the heavy Pune rains and the car being parked in open for a few days.
  3. The rain-battered roads across Pune, helped me appreciate the awesome ride quality of the Harrier. The ability to glide through almost all kinds of terrain – good roads, bad roads, no roads et al, with absolute ease was reassuring.
  4. Power delivery is smooth and linear. The gear shifts are smooth. The car pulls cleanly.
  5. No squeaks, rattles or noises were observed so far in the car.
  6. Apple CarPlay connection works seamlessly and observed no abrupt disconnections.
  7. Have driven the car in Eco and City modes only so far. Will try Sport mode post the 1,000 km mark.
  8. Installed 70MAI Pro Plus+ A5005 (Front and Rear) Dashcam with Samsung Evo Plus 128GB SD card. Although I got the hardwiring kit, I am still unsure if I want to go that route considering the warranty issues – I will update the thread with a detailed observation soon.
  9. Although I didn’t expect to visit the ASS even before the first service was due (issues listed below), the overall experience and the attention from the CRM and the ASS team were spot on for quick resolutions.

The Not-So-Good So Far:

  • First ASS Visit even before the First Service was due:
  1. The driver’s side seat seems to have an issue; there seems to be some movement causing a ‘thud’ type of noise on bumps and rough roads. The overall seat fitment is just not right. Got it checked and acknowledged at the ASS and am informed that this will need to be checked by the seat vendor (who happens to be in Pune only) at the first service. The resolution will be provided upon their inspection. Will keep the thread posted.
  2. Faulty right-side wipe blade was replaced
  • Siri does not listen in my normal tone and volume – Almost every time, I need to almost shout for it to listen

Adding a few pictures of the accessories, that were requested by fellow members.

I am itching to get out on a long drive in the Harrier and get a proper photo session done. Hoping to get out somewhere soon just to stretch our legs. Experimenting with the detailed features, Apple CarPlay, Dashcam etc. is ongoing and will share focused updates on each of these items going forward.

Thanks for reading.

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