My Mahindra XUV700 D AT: 2nd service & observations at 20000 kms

Despite the steering angle sensor being reset, the steering feel has gone for a toss and the steering has become quite heavy.

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2nd service of 20000 kms:

On the return from Nainital, the odo touched and crossed the 20K mark.

Capturing the moment:

With another travel planned for the next day and having reached Haridwar earlier than expected on the return from Nainital, thought of getting the service done before heading home. Tried my luck and requested the folks at Mighty Mahindra if they could accommodate my vehicle for 20K service. They requested me to reach there by 4pm.

Reached there on the dot and without wasting any time, a service bay was allocated. While this service does not require engine oil change, I requested them to change it along with the oil filter. Surprisingly the air filter, despite having cleaned it at almost every 5K Kms, required replacement. What was shocking though was that the front brake pads required replacement too – from the looks of it, there seemed to be enough thickness left but that is all unusable due to the embedded sensor.

Waiting service bay allocation:

In the service bay:

The service kit:

Air filter part number:

Surprisingly no technical specs of oil mentioned yet again:

The front brake kit:

Old pads:

 One of the pads is already reaching the sensor due to which replacement was mandated:

Along with alignment and balancing, the total service bill came to Rs. 13,170/- which included 8L DEF and cabin filter as well.

Some observations after covering 20K kms:

  • Since the 10K service done in end of Jan. till the 20K service in 3rd week of April, there had been only 01 unscheduled visit for chrome strip replacement and Silver Box update with general check-up during service camp.
  • Despite the steering angle sensor being reset, the steering feel has gone for a toss and the steering has become quite heavy.
  • Just before stopping, the brakes now make a squealing sound – surprised that there was no such issue with the old worn out pads.
  • Due to lack of time, the washing and cleaning was deferred for the next week and during that visit, the brakes were cleaned (for noise) and steering angle sensor was reset again but none of these solved the respective issues which still persist.
  • The other persistent noises bothering as of now are from DEF / fuel tank and the engine cover which rattles.

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