My new Jeep Compass returns home: Issue behind the 2nd breakdown fixed

The SUV was delivered & at my request, the dealership provided me with a 3-year Mopar service pack free of charge.

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Dear all,

At the outset, want to thank you all for the tremendous support extended. The forum is really a great place to support and help each other out. Brings out the best of us in humanity.

It is with some relief I want to let you all know the vehicle has finally reached back home.

Steps for resolution and sequence of events:

  • Wire harness and fuse box for the fuel pump were received in the workshop from the plant.
  • Same were replaced and the vehicle was kept in sleep mode for the night.
  • Next morning they did a test drive and informed me all is OK.
  • For the next and final test drive, post lunch, I accompanied them and we took about 50 kms TD around Bombay.
  • The laptop was connected post the drive and rechecked. There were no errors.
  • Vehicle was delivered and at my request Mopar 3 years service pack, free of charge, was provided by Landmark.
  • I took the vehicle and directly went to Siddhivinayak temple at Dadar (something I had followed for all previous cars but was yet to do for the Jeep).

Vehicle came back home and safely into the garage.

Here's what GTO had to say about the matter:

Very glad the Compass is back home. Hope she's reliable now because the Compass Diesel is so much fun to drive!

Jeep India is closely watching this thread. Truth is, they want your Compass to now be reliable more than you do!! A 3rd breakdown will be heart-wrenching for them more than you. This thread is now at 100,000 views. Am sure they've given your Compass a complete & comprehensive check.

Go lift your mood with a breakfast drive to Lonavla this weekend (Buvachi Misal) or lunch (Sunny's Dhaba). You'll come back grinning. Keep the Waze app open for the speeding cameras.

Here's what BHPian Maverick5490 had to say about the matter:

Good to know of the resolution. Now, use the Jeep extensively for a few days locally and then venture out for longer drives and 'Live to Drive'!

Here's what BHPian veyron999 had to say about the matter:

Good to know that the issues seem to have been resolved now!

I myself faced quite a lot of niggles on a brand new Compass, and have had my share of SVC visits. Have had my new car sitting in the workshop for days on end, being returned with damaged upholstery, a lot of used-up fuel, and more issues than what I left it with.

In the end, it left a bitter taste, and I parted ways with the Compass after 1.5 years. Just didn't feel it was worth keeping. Especially after paying 30+lakhs, issues like rattles, noises, or features not working just aren't acceptable.

I've sworn to never purchase a Jeep again.

Here's what BHPian sheelapratosh had to say about the matter:

I think they have done a fair bit of damage control by means of the 3-year service pack. It doesn’t fix the agony of the customer. But I guess it gives a strong sense of safety if something goes wrong again.

You visit an MSIL service center- you get to see the escalation path painted in the waiting hall- complete with numbers and mail id. Contrary to Jeep - where at best you talk to a call center operator who directs you back to the dealer. Something so easy to fix.

So my two cents of advice to Jeep (I am an owner too).

  • Tighten your QC process. Not just the critical components- but your “world famous” rattling noise as well. I can send someone from Bangalore to build a one KM road where you can test any vehicle for rattling noises.
  • Come up with a proper escalation mechanism. Most of your problems are due to the fact that the owners have no one to complain to when the dealerships aren’t of any help.

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