My new Kiger failed to start on 3 occasions on the day it was delivered

The car comes only with a push-button start. So if it doesn't start using that, there is practically no other way to start the vehicle.

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Just bought a new 2022 Renault Kiger Turbo CVT 1.0 - Took delivery on 14-Oct-2022.

Straight out I had issues getting the car started (even while at the showroom). So wanted to seek help here. Has any of you faced something similar?

The car did not start (after being switched off) at:

  • The showroom itself (Took delivery from Renault-Yeshwantpur in Bangalore)
  • On the drive back to our home (Had to switch off the engine while waiting in traffic)
  • After I got home and parked it for about 1 hour

Each time I have seen different errors appear on the MID - "Battery Charging Fault", "Check Auto Gear Box", "Check Anti-Pollution System".

When checking with the Service Center, I was told that I had left the smart key card on the wireless charging unit - which is what caused this issue.

Now, I had left the key card on the wireless charger for maybe 10-15 minutes while we completed the delivery formalities. Would that really be the reason for this problem?

To add on, I went to Renault-Yelahanka Service Center earlier today. They checked the car thoroughly (That's what they claim) and found no issues. They said both the key card and battery are fully charged (I checked their claim and the battery at least seems to be charged). I also tested the car - took it for a test drive and stopped the engine and restarted it. So far so good.


  • The car comes only with a push-button start, so if it doesn't start with the push-button, there is practically no other way to start the car.
  • I did push down on the brake pedal to start the car (as instructed) and I pushed quite hard - the car did not start in spite of that.

Here's what BHPian ambarkhan had to say about the matter:

It won’t start in D mode, only in P or N, the car will start.

Here's what BHPian abhisheksircar had to say about the matter:

These definitely do not look or sound usual. There can't be so many different error messages for the key messing up. Please keep the thread updated about how's it progressing but that said, quite a heartbreaking experience.

I have had a few friends and family who have picked up new Kigers and thankfully no major complaints other than the following:

  • Sound from the brakes at low speeds
  • Fuel economy

The brake noise issue is something that I have also faced but that's not as pronounced. The mileage issue is something that I also go hit with over time.

Now I must say that recently Bangalore saw some crazy traffic and I myself drove through a stretch of 20 kms in 3 hrs. Now what I have started doing is using Eco Mode. In stop-go traffic like this, it's doable. Eco mode is very unengaging to start with but once on the move, I realized, one can live with it considering the mileage benefits that one can get. It's not that it has been miracles since then but it's slowly, very slowly climbing up from 8. Yes, it had gone that low.

Meanwhile, a friend who recently picked up a new Kiger has been driving in normal driving conditions and has been getting around 14 and it's mostly because he has not seen the dreadful traffic that I had to see multiple times. So in normal traffic and driving conditions, 12+ is quite achievable.

I am soon starting to sound like many Bangaloreans to whom if you talk about bad traffic, and high cost of living, they have one thing to say, the weather is so nice. I keep repeating the same thing, the drivability is so nice with the gear shifts so smooth while we discuss issues.

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