My observations: 2022 TVS Apache RTR 160 4V build quality

There are rust spots on multiple places throughout the bike.

BHPian Shonith recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Sharing this so that people are aware of what they can expect from TVS.

I kind of knew that TVS was not known for the quality of products that they offer, as my sister owned a Ccooty in the year 2008 and that was poorly built as well. What surprised me the most was the fact that they hadn't changed in all these years. The things which I found were off on my Apache middle variant after owning it for 1 month and doing 1000kms:

  • The bolts used in the bike are asymmetrical, the bolt heads don't seem to match one and other even though they are of the same size.
  • The fabric of the seat isn't of a good quality, it has some cheap carbon fibre theme on the side which is coming off, an unnecessary design I feel.
  • They haven't done any surface finishing to remove weld splatter from the welding area and the welding is of poor filling (less thickness). The quality of weld is very poor on the bike.
  • The paint thickness on the chassis is bare minimum just enough to leave the showroom, thin enough to fly off at 100kph.
  • There are rust spots on multiple places throughout the bike.
  • The finishing on the alloy is poor its a rough finish on the back alloy and a smooth finish on the red alloy (4 million edition). I cannot understand why there is a difference, can't it be smooth finish?
  • The plastic panels have poor fit and finish they have rough edges all over.
  • The panel doesn't fit properly at the headlight unit.
  • The oil cooler fins are flimsy I already have 2 dents on it.

The above observations were made comparing the build quality to the other bikes that I own. Yamaha and KTM whose build quality is way higher than that of TVS.

Here's what BHPian hellmet had to say on the matter:

If you were already aware of issues with TVS, what made you go for this brand again?

As an example, I bought a Honda CB Trigger and didn't enjoy it. I wouldn't buy another Honda ever again, no matter what.

My experience with TVS with multiple vehicles has been very good. The plastics may or may not last forever, but on my bike I only had to M-Seal the headlight cowl once after a bad fall and it lasted to the day I sold it.

The engines are reliable and replacement parts are easy to find and inexpensive. There's a lot of attention to function over form and I love that. The bendable indicator holdings are an example.

The paint quality has always been found to be better than the Honda I bought and sold.

I'm sorry but I don't agree with this bashing.

Here's what BHPian 2000rpm had to say on the matter:

I think its a matter of a wrong purchase. If its unbearable to live with, sell the bike and enjoy the peace of mind.

TVS is a mass market bike maker, they are delivering on what best is possible for the price. Thank god you didnt buy a Bajaj!! Bajaj's parts fall off from a moving vehicle, literally!! (refering to the silencer gate on Pulsar DTSI)

Here's what BHPian vjai had to say on the matter:

I own an RTR 200 BS6 for about 2 years now after my long relationship with the Pulsar (180 ug2 and bs3 150).

  • The rusting on the chassis number stamp is common on all bikes as per my experience.
  • The alloys are matte finish. That's the design. You could change your alloy if you do not like it.
  • Absolutely no chips on my chassis. TVS warranty are easy as a pie. If you feel your chassis paint is chipping off that soon, get it to the eyes of TVS. I will detail my warranty experience below.
  • Those side panels seems bad, I agree. Mine is smooth.
  • The parts aren't cheap in anyway IMO. My Pulsar's plastic parts always started to rattle after a year of initial owning no matter how the bike is pampered. On the other hand, this muscular thing makes no noise even when diving into a pothole. Speaking of which, TVS has made excellent suspension tuning.

You should have done proper PDI before taking delivery as someone said above.

My experience with warranty claims:

4 times digital speedometer replacement:

TVS R&D from Hosur came down to my service center along with the OEM manufacturer's engineers and took a days time to diagnose. They weren't able to find the issue. Gave me a brand new console and informed me they will update the cause. Same thing happened again and I was told the issue is identified and new console would be sent when the production with the fix roll out. Fixed and then a drop of water seeped in. Nothing big to cause issue but TVS politely replaced it as well with no questions or making faces. Received the 2022 model's clutch yoke and adjustable lever for free as a goodwill gesture.

Noise in engine:

This was a long series of parts of replacements. There was rattling noise in the engine whenever I revved it hard or whenever there is load on engine after it heats up. My initial feel was the rocker arms and it was replaced under warranty on my request since the noise is difficult to reproduce on a short time. The noise continued and the SM there ran through the previous history of other bikes and thought it could be a broken weld in one of the catcon near bend pipe that's rattling. Replaced full exhaust assembly and still nothing. At this point, I told them to keep the bike for as long as they want and I strongly suspect it's something within engine head. 1 week passed and SM informed the noise is from engine and he has ordered the head for replacement. On the day of fitting, they also say a small gap between the cylinder and piston. Showed me the piston and told will also replace the cylinder block free of cost.

Now you might call the above lack of diagnosis on service center part but I see it as a proactive effort they take to even replace parts that costs huge with only motive being to resolve customer issue. I wouldn't expect any other company to do so many replacements in 2 years time with a smiling face.

To me, I'm sticking to TVS after experiencing their after sales 1st hand. Services are expensive but they take care of small niggles and I get to stand along with the mechanic to overlook the work done.

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