My Octavia's never-ending Infotainment issue finally gets solved

Finally took delivery of the vehicle last evening.

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My never-ending saga with Skoda and the Infotainment issues continues

After having confirmed that KUN Skoda has received the replacement part, I booked an appointment for Thursday (2nd May)

I was expecting that the unit would be replaced by evening. But to my dismay, when I called the SA, he shouted at me saying you can't expect 1.5 lakhs worth of equipment to be replaced in 1 day, there are warranty processes that we need to follow which take 3-4 days ...

This after clearly raising the part request based on my VIN in April and receiving it.

I couldn't accept this and reached out to the CRM who promised to deliver by Friday.

Come Friday, I was told their internal warranty process was taking longer, and Saturday's first half would deliver the car.

Today when I reach out, they keep saying the same thing that their internal warranty process is taking longer.

I fail to understand why it have to take so long when they ordered the part in the first place only after getting Skoda's approval. And to provide approvals, Skoda made me wait for more than 2 - 3 months, with the car being in the Service station for 10 days in Feb, and another 1 week in April.

In April I was told, the request had been raised as a repeated problem, and only then they were able to get approvals for Infotainment replacement. Previously I have written how the unit used to keep on restarting itself, worse even when the car is parked and locked. They have tried all types of Software updates but it didn't help.

I have also been requesting photos of the new multi-media system with a Part number that will be installed. I have not been provided that either. I have just created an account on X to outpour my ordeal. Will do it shortly.

Update 1

What frustrates me is that until now they have not even installed the Controller unit in my car.

All they have been doing is paperwork before even starting the replacement.

To me, this is sheer disregard for the customer's time.

If VW has long processes to do it offline, why take the car in and then do nothing for 3 days claiming the warranty process?

Also, I had clearly asked them to check the battery since the restarts happened even while the Ignition was off which could drain the battery.

They haven't done anything of that, and this morning I got a battery-low alert on the Skoda Connect

Finally last evening they sent pics of the new part. Not sure when would they replace it though.

I have a strong feeling this is related to Android Auto or Car Play. The last 10 days while waiting for the replacement part to arrive I made sure not to connect any of my mobiles, and didn't get a single restart or volume increase episode.

Update 2

A short update from my side.

Took delivery of the vehicle last evening after the Controller unit replacement.

The software is also updated and battery recharge is also done.

Will send some photos once I receive them from the dealer.

As far as the issue, fingers crossed, and really hoping it has been permanently resolved with the Controller change.

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