My TVS Jupiter 125: Booking, ownership, likes & dislikes

The riding position definitely suits riders between almost 5’5 and 6’5. Those shorter than 5’5 may struggle a little.

BHPian arnav17 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hope you all are doing well. We recently purchased a TVS Jupiter 125 in Titanium Gray and I wanted to share some insights.

Disclaimer: I am not of legal age to drive, hence the driving opinions have been extracted from my parents.


  • Silent Start
  • Great mileage
  • LED lights
  • Huge amount of boot space that can accommodate 2 helmets
  • Wider, Longer Seat
  • No need to get off the scooter to fill fuel, it is placed at the front
  • Auto Start-Stop system [TVS Intelligo]
  • Neat, Semi Digital Instrument Cluster
  • Great initial torque.


  • Conventional, Non-offending but boring looks.
  • High beam throw isn’t positioned well
  • Analogue speedometer may not be of everyone’s taste
  • No connected tech, which the Jupiter 110 gets.
  • The engine feels like it's losing breath after 30km/h.
  • Closing the boot is annoying – Needs to be pressed at a particular spot.
  • Uneven Panels near taillamp.
  • No manual option to switch to Power mode
  • Putting the side stand automatically turns the vehicle off, which was annoying when I wanted to take a picture with the lights on.

Choices/Scooters Considered

Our access was slowly but surely showing its age and we felt the need to replace it right around this time last year. Just for queries on the Access and its replacement, I ended up creating three threads on team bhp. The first thread convinced us that it was worth repairing it and keeping it, but a few days later the Access refused to start and had to be pushed over to the mechanic, which sealed the decision of its replacement.

I created my next thread on Team bhp (Electric vs Petrol scooter | Need advice) where I received a response that an electric would be more suitable for us, but it made us think a lot, and after the Electricity price hike in K’taka, we abandoned the plan of an EV.

Now that we were game on petrol scooters, I did some research and fell in love with the Ntorq but I was downvoted by my mother who felt it wasn’t a scooter but a bike. By then, my relative had come down in her Jupiter 125 and my parents were absolutely smitten by it. I dreaded having a Jupiter. I’d always hated the Amitabh Bachchan Ads on TV and now I couldn’t envision a Jupiter in our house. But seeing their faces on examining the scooter, I mentally resigned myself to my fate of getting a Jupiter.

The Ntorq was immediately disqualified and now it was a battle between the Jupiter 125, Jupiter 110, Access 125 and the Avenis which was only considered as I liked its looks. Went over to Advaith Suzuki but the experience was pathetic. No one bothered to even enquire upon what we were looking for and 2 employees were verbally abusing each other in front of all customer. Suzuki needs to up their game in showroom service if they expect serious sales.

Jupiter 125 vs 110 was a close fight narrowly won by the 125, thanks to my insistence that going from a 125 to a 110 would be a downgrade. That said we booked the Jupiter 125 in Titanium grey with Disc brakes on Wednesday, the 11th of October.

Booking Experience:

Booking was very straightforward, the formalities were completed within 20 minutes and the Booking was confirmed. They promised delivery within 1 day. The showroom officials need to be better informed, the SA adamantly refused that Jupiter ever had a provision for a boot lamp but she met her match with a BHpian

The Delivery was in the Evening on the 13th of October, as it was the only day on which we were free within the next 5 days.

First Look:

Was not really a special delivery as such, or maybe I was expecting too much. They just parked the scooter outside, took a photo with the big key and gave a box of chocolates. Receiving registration plates within this week.

The saddest part of the delivery was seeing our beloved Access parked among the other two-wheelers at the showroom. That scooter spent 13 years with us and we bid a teary goodbye.

On-road Price and Discounts:

The On-road price of the scooter was quoted at INR 1,15,000 and including accessories, it came up to INR 1,18,000. We got INR 11,000 as an exchange offer for our access and the Final Price incl. everything paid was INR 1,08,000.

Warranty and Servicing:

They have offered 1 1-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty. Service charges will be only for the components changed with labour being free.

Engine Type/ Variant:

The Jupiter comes with a 125cc (124.8cc to be precise) petrol engine making 8.15 horsepower along with 10.5Nm of torque. The Variant we opted for is the top variant with Disc Brakes.

Good/Bad features:

  • Silent start – Nice and smooth but somehow I miss the cranking sound of the engine coming to life.
  • Boot space - Is a boon to carry Vegetables, helmets etc
  • Front Fuel filler – Convenient, no need to get down to fill fuel.
  • Safety/Electronic Equipment:
  • The engine turns off when the side stand is engaged and refuses to start when either stand is engaged. An icon also appears on the instrument cluster.
  • Pass light
  • Auto Start-Stop
  • Trip meter

Accessories Installed:

We opted for the entire accessory package and were extremely surprised to find that Boot Lamp wasn’t a part of it. The accessories include:

  • Full Kit scooter guard
  • Onboard USB mobile charger
  • Seat Cover
  • Free helmet ( Not of great quality)

Number of Kilometers at Present:

The Jupiter has clocked just over 50km but I was too excited to write the review hence will update regularly going forward. Also keeping track of mileage on Fuelio.

Usage Pattern:

Jupiter does not exceed the boundaries of the heart of Bengaluru and is used approximately for 10 km a day.

Fit and Finish/Quality:

The quality is acceptable. The feel of the Indicator and headlight switch is good but there is some movement in the accelerator pedal before the throttle engages. The Seat/Boot lid is a huge ergonomic flaw as it does not close properly unless pressed in a specific spot which is irritating and risky as you could push it down in the wrong spot and damage the scooter.

Wheels /Tires:

The Jupiter 125 comes with 90/90 – 12 inches which happens to be alloys. They look quite good when parked.

Space and Comfort

This is an area where the Jupiter 125 Truly Shines. The seat is wider, longer and more comfortable than most other scooters and the positioning of the footrest is almost perfect for my height (5’8)

The boot space is also a big plus, coming in handy for various jobs. Aside from the boot space, there is also a cubby hole that is placed below the USB charger on the front which can accommodate a 1l water Bottle.

The riding position definitely suits riders between almost 5’5 and 6’5. Those shorter than 5’5 may struggle a little but the taller ones will have no problem wielding this scooter.

Visibility and Size of Mirrors:

The mirrors are of adequate size and you get a good view of the road while riding


This is a full LED unit that is daytime running. The light is adequate at night and provides good luminescence without blinding traffic coming from the opposite side. The high beam is positioned awkwardly and is half pointing to the sky.

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