My used BMW 328i to turn 10: Should I move on or keep her a bit longer

There’s still a little more life left in the old dog & she packs a serious bite to go with her bark.

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Hello there, paisan.

With red set to turn 10 next month (of which I have had her for about 4 of them, 3.5 of which have been really happy), I find myself often wondering if and when to move her on. But I find myself leaning towards, holding on to her for at least a little while longer since:

  • It’s an EMI-free car on the highway of life
  • The used car market is bonkers right now. Replacing it with a new car would be a big leap, for now
  • I think she still looks spectacular, even today. Old-ish school cool

I gave her a thorough cleaning and applied a spray-on ceramic wax to make things pop a bit, and I think she looks delicious and contemporary even a decade on. There’s still a little more life left in the old dog, and she packs a serious bite to go with her bark, so I’ll ensure she has a loving home in my garage for a little while longer at least.

That said, be it human or machine, with age comes its own quibbles. And there are a few niggles I need to sort out with the 3’er. No deal breakers per se, but a bunch of teeny weeny things, such as:

  • A parking sensor that wasn’t refitted right after a paint job, which is causing it to endlessly play me the song of its people
  • A failed ORVM motor that causes it to temporarily shriek like one of the goats from Thor: Love and Thunder
  • The infamous Blue Screen of Death (which I will replace soon, I promise)
  • An AC vent on the passenger side that is stubbornly stuck facing one way, which has to be undone
  • My dashcam mysteriously refuses to turn on, so I must enlist someone smarter than me to bring it back to life

No real biggies in there, but annoyances I have to sort out for my own mental well-being.

More or less, life with the 328i has been easy breezy, and not at all cheesy. I still enjoy driving her (preferably at full pelt) every time I find an open, un-potholed stretch of road (a near impossibility in Bombay, I know), and I find every drive to be a bit of an occasion.

A question…

I’ve done all the performance mods I’ve wanted to get done, save for one; a cold air intake. So I ask you, wise citizens of the internet, for your opinion; should I pull the trigger or not?

That’s all, folks. Until next time.

Here's what BHPian dealer had to say about the matter:


Congratulations on your car turning 10! In my opinion, it still looks amazing and you shouldn't part with this machine if you're satisfied with it performance-wise.

There is still a lot you can do to maximize this car's potential. I would urge you to look at the Navardi Tuned instagram page. He is a custom tuner from Australia and specializes in 4-cylinder BMWs. He has guides and tunes that can take your N20/N26 to upwards of 500hp with the right build. Even his is a custom stage 2 tunes push 20% more power and torque compared to OTS maps (depending on engine and fuel).

If you're looking to do something handling-wise, I would recommend getting Anti Roll Bars if you haven't already and getting the F80 LCA+TS kit to dial in the steering. The cold air intake will merely enhance the intake sounds a bit and the OEM intake is already well made.

These changes should really elevate your experience with the F30. In my personal opinion, I would only consider an M2/3/4/5 or the 63 range to be a worthy upgrade of the F30 (unless you can get a Porsche or a V10 Audi) and not consider the M340i. With the prices as they are in the used car market, I would say build on this platform and pick up a 2018 or newer sportscar in a few years.

Here's what BHPian AKSarkar1 had to say about the matter:

You said it yourself- the used car market is a bit bonkers at the moment. The cost of replacing/upgrading the red would be quite a handsome sum, albeit you might get a really good deal on your car.

I would personally hang on to the car for at least another 3-5 years. Given the mint condition of the car, small niggles can always be sorted out. Start the upgrades from the interior of the car, since that is the place where you would spend most of the time. Maybe new steering? New leather covers? The list is practically endless and depends on your personal taste.

For the exterior, if the budget permits you can go for a body kit or change alloys/alloy wheel paint.

I hope this helps! Looking forward to seeing more posts on your Red!

Here's what BHPian androdev had to say about the matter:

IMHO, the wisest thing to do would be to buy a nice uncleji family car without any sporty pretensions (Camry Hybrid, E Class, Lexus ES, etc.) and separate the state and church. The other car can be your personal weapon of choice.

You can consider a used but very well-kept Camry Hybrid for family duties. You will get it under 15L in Mumbai. It is a PHENOMENAL car within the city which is what I expect a lot of usage would be. My comparison is with S class, I am thoroughly impressed by it within the city - from the perspective of myself as a driver and family comfort. Other than a potential new hybrid battery (Rs 2.5L), it will run forever without any issues.

Keep the 3 series while you hunt for a suitable "sports" car, preferably a coupe from Porsche. I won't say Porsche cars are better and I am sure others have caught up with it - but the brand is absolutely sexy with immense street cred. Don't buy an all-purpose M5 or Panamera unless you don't have parking for two cars.

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