My XUV700 AX7 petrol delivered after 8 months: 7 likes & 5 frustrations

Got both keys and also got the Bridgestone Ecopia tyres and not the MRF ones.

BHPian Abhi.Nittor recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally, I got delivery of my XUV700 AX7 AT Petrol after an 8-month wait. So far, from whatever little I have driven, here are some likes and some frustrations and some questions (on frustrations). Got both keys and also got the Bridgestone Ecopia tyres and not the MRF ones.

Mahindra XUV700 Likes

  1. Just love the cornering lights. They are so amazing that I feel these should become a norm in all larger vehicles. Just fell in love with them
  2. Feel and drive quality. Yet to take it on a highway drive, but so far, the drive in the city has been amazing
  3. Sound quality is really good, even though mine is just a 6-speaker setup
  4. Seat comfort is fabulous
  5. Steering is just amazing. Doesn't make you feel like you are driving a large vehicle
  6. Braking feels very assuring on the road
  7. Midnight black colour, looks awesome but gets dirty quickly

Mahindra XUV700 Frustrations

  1. Breaking my head on how to switch from Android Auto to car functions without taking my attention off my driving. The Voice command button on the steering wheel sometimes brings up Alexa and sometimes Google. Not sure if there is a way to set Android/Google as default when the Android Auto screen is up
  2. Switching to the radio has been a challenge. Need to learn how to do it
  3. Can't see the time when Android Auto is on the main screen unless you swipe left. Should have been on top
  4. Average Fuel Efficiency, fuel log - unable to figure out how to get this on the Adrenox app. it shows 0 fuel in the fuel log, even though I had done a reset
  5. Most of my frustration is around the understanding of the systems. I will get used to it over time

Also need some inputs on good car accessories shops in North Bangalore. Required for installing dashcam and getting a few more aftermarket things done.

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