Need advice: Keep my Mahindra Scorpio N booking or switch to the XUV700

Didn't consider the XUV700 at that point since ESP was only offered in the higher AX7/L variants and I didn't have the budget to stretch that far.

BHPian akannath recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Dear fellow BHPians, I am in a bit of dilemma - unsure whether I should keep my current Z6 booking or switch over to XUV700 AX3 Diesel/AX5 Petrol and would be grateful to receive your feedback and suggestions. Let me explain.

I initially went for the Z6 because of the sheer VFM it offered - I needed a safe and comfortable 7 seater (occasional 7 seater use when my kids use it) that would primarily ferry around my parents (both non-drivers). It came with ESP (an absolute must for me), 5* rating (another must have) and I managed to get it with the introductory pricing. Expected annual mileage below 10K.

Didn't consider the XUV700 at that point since ESP was only offered in the higher AX7/L variants and I didn't have the budget to stretch that far. So far so good.

Two things changed since then which has prompted this re-look:

  • ESP offered as optional extra on lower XUV 700 variants.
  • Have the budget to stretch by another 3-4 lakhs.

Positives for Scorpio N Z6:

  • Guaranteed delivery for when I need it (Aug '23).
  • Butch looks and minimal electronics compared to XUV700.
  • Cheaper by 3-4 lacs vis-a-vis XUV700.

Positives for XUV700:

  • Better space management, esp for 3rd row with 50:50 fold.
  • ESP now available in AX3 Diesel and AX5 petrol.
  • Budget available to go for AX5 Petrol and avoid DPF related worries - our drive will be occasional but when driven, it will mostly be on highways. So the car would be sitting idle for 4-5 days in a week and see some highway runs of ~150 odd kms the other days.
  • More comfort for 2nd row passengers being monocoque.

What I dont know is which of the two is relatively niggle free? Would it be fair to assume that most of the initial niggles in the XUV have now been sorted?

Also, my SA has guaranteed delivery of either AX3/AX5 by Aug if I were to book now.

Need your help. Thank you.

Here's what BHPian Kosfactor had to say on the matter:

Both vehicles are the best driving machines available in their respective segments , you'd be driving a lot more than you think you will.

If you are buying a petrol and you have mostly highway running especially get the XUV7OO AT, it's fantastic.

At this point given the number of vehicles on the road as well as having both vehicles in my family/ friends circle, they haven't been to the service center for any additional visits, just the regular scheduled servicing and plenty of diesel.

BHPian akannath replied:

Thank you Kosfactor for your valuable feedback.

I had test driven th XUV700 AT version and it was a delight as you say. But that would mean stretching the budget even more as AX5 AT 7 str is only available in Diesel. Besides the vehicle will be driven by a paid we wont get to experience the pleasure of the AT most of the time.

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