Need advice: New Skoda Kodiaq or used Mercedes-Benz GLE 300d

I've already booked the Kodiaq L&K but I'm also very tempted about the 2019 Mercedes that has done 41,000 km on the odo & is still under warranty.

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Hey, guys. Need advice.

I am in the market for a luxury SUV. I have already booked a Kodiaq L&K. Just yesterday a dealer (friend) called me and is offering me a 2019 GLE 300d (new shape) for about 55 lacs. The car has run 41000 odd kms and is still under warranty.

I am really tempted but confused too.

Used GLE vs New Kodiaq.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Here's what GTO had to say about the matter:

Any which day, the GLE300d. A far superior car built to way higher quality standards than the Kodiaq. I'd buy the Mercedes. Plus, I am willing to put good money on the fact that the Mercedes will be as reliable (if not more) as the Kodiaq to 150,000 km. Expect niggles & issues with both cars as neither brand is comparable to Toyota (or even BMW).

Here's what BHPian adi_petrolhead had to say about the matter:

If there is some wiggle room for negotiations, and your budget permits, hands down GLE 300d, no two doubts about that. But 41K is decent mileage on a 2019 car. Shows that the car is used and used well. You might need to consider an immediate change of tyres, brake pads, discs, etc. I have no idea how is the maintenance of the air suspension. So take that into account that you'll probably end up spending around 2-3 lakh extra which will make the car usable for another 50K kms easily. I think it is a calculated risk.

Here's what BHPian Axe77 had to say about the matter:

As premium as a Kodiaq is compared to other products in that price range, the GLE will feel several notches plusher in every respect, interiors, drive - everything.

Both are spacious 5 seaters and in my view, neither is a 3-row car. My only slight hesitation is the 41,000 clicks. You need to be mindful that this will mean some incremental expenses on usual wear and tear parts. Secondly, the Mercedes will have a much shorter tenure of residual warranty even accounting for an extended warranty package - although personally, I’d trust a Mercedes with a 4-year residual warranty more than a Skoda with a 6-year warranty. Finally, unlike a Jeep or Fortuner, I would “rough use” a Skoda only as much as I would “rough use” a Mercedes. No more than that. So there is no specific advantage of picking the Skoda even from that standpoint.

The only other consideration is whether you were buying this outright or on loan. Current loan rates even with premium lenders like HDFC are hovering around 7.3%. A used car rate may well take that into double digits. Please do consider whether that is something that matters (if it is being tax expensed out then you may be less sensitive).

Used well, the Mercedes will easily offer ownership of 10 years and 100,000 clicks so I wouldn’t be outright put off by the 41k clicks although that’s the only minor negative IMO. If the cost differential doesn’t matter, my pick would hands-down be the Mercedes.

Here's what BHPian androdev had to say about the matter:

It is not such a bad idea to consider a used luxury car for the money of a new Kodiaq-level car as long as your gut tells you that you are not biting more than you can chew. Your math is too pessimistic - just do some research to find reliable luxury car models without paying extra for an extended warranty or service package (calculated risk). Just avoid cars with potential issues related to engine, transmission, AC or suspension. Other repairs don't cost more than 1-2 lakhs.

For example, the BMW 2.0L diesel and the 8-speed auto combination is arguably the most reliable drivetrain in the luxury segment in India. Another option would be to buy a recently discontinued model like GLS instead of a newer GLE - you will get better VFM and proven/known reliability.

Kodiaq is also a great choice depending on what you are upgrading from and how it will be used. My thumb rule is to stretch to the next level if the family gets to enjoy the purchase else keep it within budget if it is just for my personal use.

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