Need advice: Retain my 36k km run Chevy Sail UVA or sell & buy new SUV

The car has a life till 2029 and our car need is for two of us, but being a GM car, finding spares may become scarier with time

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Hey all,

Trust you are doing well.

I recently moved job with a favorable 'Car Lease Plan' the scheme seems tempting, helping save around ~20% on car costs (tax saving + maintenance + Driver claims)

Currently, I drive a pre-owned SAIL UVA - 36k on the odometer in decent condition - no body noise, smooth engine and gear, doesn't look aged from outside too..highly reliable - never failed ever).

Thinking ahead of curve: the car has a life till 2029 and our car need is for two of us, but being a GM car, finding spares may become scarier with time, and the car value may also go doing currently the value is hardly 20% less than what I paid for 2 years back.

Now, the lease plan temptation made me take a serious test drive ( other than the causal one I keep doing):

  • Scorpio N - Just love it for A. the commanding driving position and 5 Star rating.
  • Safari - The current one gives the true experience of a full-version SUV - the look, feel and road presence.
  • XUV700 - smoothest among all - an experience like driving a sedan from the inside.. cool car.

*All diesel AT, mid variant.

Seeking to advise from the enlightened one here (from the car world, personal finance and giving outside-in views).


  • Should I continue to drive the current car, because it's just two of us - going to any 5 seaters won't change much for us!
  • If I buy should I wait for the NEW safari before making a call between Scorpio, XUV 700 & current Safari.
  • increasing car prices also makes me lean towards buying one now - any thoughts on future car prices?
  • The age and explore - on top of everything the thoughts come - this is the time to buy a car and explore the world ( love taking long drives)

Eager to hear thoughts from experts here!

Here's what BHPian Kosfactor had to say on the matter:

Use your existing car a bit more , do a few road trips and you will get a perspective of what you want from a new car, what you want to do with it etc.

What next?

Get a nice car that would suit your requirements.

Yes cars are going to get more expensive over time but that's okay, there is no need to hurry and get them now.

But if you need any more temptation , just take a test drive of an XUV AT again  , drive it for a bit longer and then go through this decision making process all over.

Here's what BHPian TorqMaster had to say on the matter:

If your existing car is fine, do not ever sell it . It will always hold its own value for your use case in future.

The options your listed will be fine tuned as the days go by. Reconsider this decision maybe after 2 years to see if you need a car then.

Here's what BHPian Tanmay_868 had to say on the matter:

Well most of us would generally push to upgrade to a better ride but considering your usage I would say wait a little. XUV after more than a year of its launch still has little niggles that would take away your new car experience.

Same with Scorpio (I guess?)

Harrier and Safari are in for an update. Their touchscreens look ancient and they have little disturbing ergonomic issues.

So if possible I would suggest you wait a little.

Maybe at Auto Expo TATA may give us a surprise.

One thing I learned from Indian automotive Scene is Patience, after experiencing it a hard way.

When we had to replace our 2012 XUV500 we hastily made a decision and got home Hector in November 2020 (within a week of booking). I didn’t check for any news regarding facelift or anything. Then came January 2021 and news of face lifted Hector gave us a FOMO .

This was further enhanced by launch of XUV700 in September 2021. (Though the niggles reported later gave us some consolation).

So for each for his own, maybe you should drive your car more and see what actually you need in your new car. And maybe in meantime you further enhance your budget for a even better car.

Here's what BHPian HarshVShrotriya had to say on the matter:

I totally understand your feeling and thought process, as I too have been personally in same situation. Like you, I resisted the temptation and seeked advice.
What I found via my discussions is that it's a simple decision:

If, your existing car is no longer fit for purpose and you really need to upgrade, just go for it.

However, if your current car is serving you well, just because you have a lease plan option, do not go for it yet. Wait till you really see that one car that will make a difference in your life and then put your hard earned money out in the market.

The mathematical calculations I did few years back showed that any tax savings obtained via lease plan more or less get negated by the loss you will suffer on value of new car(s). Do remember that while you save 30% tax, you also pay interest on the leased amount. So, your net saving is closer to 20% (or whatever number based on your actual Lease T&Cs).

If you need Maths to be favourable to you, your new car should be more or less similar to the price range of your original car (which we Indians normally don't do).
Otherwise, you are swapping a well working car (depreciation normally becomes slower with number of years passed) for a more expensive car (more expensive and higher depreciating).

So, my 2 cents, will be to assess the practical need (irrespective of Lease Plan). Treat LeasePlan as a tool to achieve a need, rather than a must do.

Here's what BHPian bijims had to say on the matter:

As long as your current car is working well, keep it. Once it starts giving you problems, you would be better off with a new car. But considering the fact that your car is over 8 years old, now would be a good time to consider an upgrade, considering its age and maintenance issues which are likely to crop up and with Chevrolet having shut shop in India, spare parts availability will only dwindle with time. So all things considered, if you feel that the car wont give you much problems for the next couple of years, keep it, else you would be better off selling it.

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