Need help: Finding a well-kept used Porsche Boxster

These cars have just the right amount of power for Indian roads, reliable, practical and sporty enough.

BHPian Pkumarblore recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A family member is in the used car market in Bangalore looking to buy a Porsche Boxster and he has approached me for some help through T-BHP.

Can any of our fellow members help me connect him with direct sellers or trusted super car dealers in Bangalore. The car needs to be preferably KA registered and relatively new.

Any other advise/tips on super car buying will be super helpful.


Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Tell your friend to screen the market carefully and follow our used car checklist (including service history, checking past insurance claims etc.) to the T. Be open to other models too (e.g. Cayman, Audi RS, BMW Ms etc.). The options are many and you will typically find low-mileage examples as people don't drive 2-door sporty cars on a daily basis.

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These cars have just the right amount of power for Indian roads, reliable, practical and sporty enough. Your friend will have a blast. Do also test-drive the Cooper S.

Here's what BHPian shankar.balan had to say on the matter:

Oh lovely. I must say your family member has impeccable taste. (Just like you with your 118!)

The Boxster 986 and its Flat 6 is wonderful. I had the pleasure of driving one in the early 2000’s in England. Heavy clutch (Manual), but a wonderful raspy sound and the G Forces are phenomenal. I guess you might look for a 987 with its flat 4 which is probably more likely to be available in India.

The Boxster 718 is highly desirable but likely to be expensive being a late model. Its turbo charged flat 4 is also very raspy and nice.

Porsches. Gorgeous cars. Especially the naturally aspirated ones with those screaming engines. But the new world is turbocharged.

I would also dearly love a Red Boxster with a black ragtop. It is one of my favourite sports cars and that exhaust burble! Ah! Heavenly!

Saw a 718 just a week ago in my neighbourhood. Took the owners number so that I can stand in queue when he wants to sell. (Pic attached)

A small word of caution though. Being a tall person (6 ft 2 inches) and big built, it’s a bit of a squeeze to get in. And the driving position is really low.

Here's what BHPian Mustang_Boss had to say on the matter:

I would start with "Big Boys Toys"

Big Boys Toyz

You will get a fair idea on the price for different models + colors. Based on this, if you are looking for a better deal, you could look for other cars with similar specs, etc.

You can bargain at these shops too. Considering their network, they are decent when it comes to sales and you will get their warranty for some time, which simplifies things for the new buyer.

Btw, Nice choice. A Boxter! Sweet

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