Need a reliable AT beater car to replace my 15 year old Honda City

I work in a Central Govt. office in Delhi, with pathetic parking conditions where cars are shoved and pushed around in neutral to make space.

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Hello BHPians,

In a few months, my trusty Honda City 2007 AT will no longer be legally driveable in Delhi. It serves as my daily beater car, and I need to find a replacement.

Here's about me:

My 'main' car is the Creta 1.4 DCT which I take on weekend drives and night-outs. I work in a Central Govt. office in Delhi, with pathetic parking conditions where cars are shoved and pushed around in neutral to make space. Monkeys abound as well, jumping on vehicles and defiling the paintwork. Hence, the Honda City over the Creta for my office commute. I am just over six feet tall, (over)weighing in at 120+ KGs with a lower back issue (slipped disc). My office drive is about 5 KM at present but may go up to 10 KM if shift houses and is almost always solo. I also use the beater as a backup car when my Creta is loaned to my brother, out for maintenance or if I am navigating narrow or crowded places.

What I think I need:

  • I would like a smaller car so that it is easier to fit into tighter parking spaces and manoeuvre in congested areas, but I would like to sit comfortably in the driver's seat.
  • I want a car which has good air conditioning for the extreme Delhi summers (and winters).
  • I want an automatic car, as I am used to AT by now. Would prefer a TC/CVT over AMT.
  • I want a reliable, low & cheap maintenance vehicle as it will be my daily beater.
  • I would prefer spending lower than Rs. 7 lakhs, even lower is better. I am happy to go the used car route.

Looking forward to getting expert suggestions from fellow BHPians. Do let me know if there are any other factors I should list.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

After 2 smooth ATs, no way you'd be able to live with a jerky AMT. Only CVTs or Torque Converters will do. Lots of options in the 7 - 8 lakh budget (click here for listings). As a beater, I would strongly consider a Baleno or Glanza CVT, Ciaz Automatic (top choice), i20 CVT and Amaze CVT (here's a neat 2019 model).

If you are willing to spend a little more, how about a used Magnite CVT? Taller seating might help your lower back issue. Turbo-engine can be fun. Almost new. Extend the warranty and you're all set.

Let us know what you finally pick.

Here's what BHPian Durango Dude had to say on the matter:

Get a Jazz CVT when it's available. It's spacious (albeit a little long in the tooth), smooth transmission, fuel efficiency, easy to punt around and park. Beater it is!

Here's what BHPian varoon9999 had to say on the matter:

Hi, I am at same spot as you, I am also looking for a reliable yet enjoyable automatic car under 7 lakhs. My search has zeroed down to Honda-Jazz after looking at other options. Jazz CVT seems to have a great resale value too, all the good/neat options are asking too much. Additionally, you may look for these options as well:

  • Honda Brio (Limited options available in used market, the one available being sold for premium).
  • Grand i10 (Lesser AT options to look at).
  • Honda City (plenty options, but not sure you want such a big car again).

Here's what BHPian turbowhistle had to say on the matter:

Amaze CVT or even 2013-14 City CVT will be the best choice. You already know the brand and must have some kind of relationship with ASC/FNG and will have to just carry it forward. Even Brio/Jazz would be good choice if you can get the facelifted one ( but the stock is so less in the market I gather).

I won't suggest older Hyundais as the TC gearbox isn't as good as Honda CVT.

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