New or used automatic city car options under Rs 6 lakh

We did look at a 2016 Hyundai Grand i10 and a brand new Renault Kwid AMT.

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Hello BHPians,

My Sister-in-law needs an automatic car for pure intra-city use (specifically in Pune only). Her budget is 4-6 lakhs and the car can be new or used, the only criteria being a hatchback and should be reliable. A search online shows that 2016-17 Hyundai Grand i10s are being sold at around Rs 6 - 6.5 lakhs. The positive point is that they have torque converter gearboxes. However, a new Renault Kwid AMT is available almost at the same price. Which would be a better buy considering one is a proper automatic and the other is an AMT? There are MS Celerios available which are cheaper but not considered because of having an AMT only.

All suggestions are welcome.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Based on my interactions, women generally don't like used cars. What I would recommend:

  • Santro AMT Sportz (top variant). Slight increase in budget, but one of the smoother AMTs in the market. Good entry-level car.
  • Grand i10 AMT Magna. A couple of thousands more, but will be worth the bump. Top choice.
  • WagonR & Ignis AMTs can be considered. Maruti has continuously improved its AMTs, although Hyundai AMTs are noticeably smoother due to the electric actuators used (Maruti uses the more conventional hydraulic variety).

Ask her to test-drive all and pick whatever she's happiest with. Might entail going over budget by 1 - 1.5 lakhs, but no big deal considering the impact on EMIs and that these cars will prove more reliable in the long run than a used out-of-warranty car.

Here's what BHPian vishy76 had to say on the matter:

I would not suggest the Kwid AMT. It's jerky, very unrefined and poorly built. Period. All this is coming from someone who has owned this car for 5 years. I bought this car for 5.5L back in 2017 and today the prices have crossed 6. I don't find it worth that tag at all.

I would suggest you look at pre-owned cars. If you are open to this option, you have a wide range of choices and also have the option of getting a torque converter or a CVT. Few that come to my mind:

  • Nissan Micra CVT: Perfect city hatch. Compact dimensions, quirky looks, and a fairly peppy engine paired with a CVT gearbox that is perfect for city commutes. A few drawbacks that I can think of are the interiors, which do look a bit drab and fuel economy.
  • Honda Jazz CVT: Do check if some of the early cars are available for under 6L. I see a lot of these here available for as low as 5.5-6L. The second-gen Jazz seems to be heavy on depreciation unlike older Honda's. It has a bulletproof 1.2 i-Vtec, excellent interior space and a smooth CVT GB yet again. Downsides include the size which is on the larger side for a city hatch and fuel economy.
  • Maruti Suzuki A-star: Wild car entry to this list. The A-star can actually serve as an excellent fill it, shut it and forget it beater. It's got a butter-smooth 4-speed TC, excellent reliability and is backed by Maruti's after-sales network. Downsides include the quirky looks, which I personally hate and the fact that most examples you will find now would be too old.

Another car to look out for is the previous-gen Hyundai i10. Do beware though, these cars suffer from cooling coil, steering rack and EPS module issues though they were very well equipped for the time and had a creamy petrol motor mated to a 4-speed TC.

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