No new BMW V12 to be developed

According to a media report, BMW will not develop a new V12 engine.

The report suggests that the company does not see a need to develop a new V12 engine. At present, only the M760i gets a V12 engine in the company's line-up. Rolls Royce has also developed its own twin-turbo V12 engine and is not expected to use BMW's V12 engine.

Larger displacement V12 engines are not as efficient as smaller engines and with tightening emissions norms, carmakers are downsizing the engines and adopting technologies like turbocharging and electrification to extract the same power from a smaller engine.

The 850 CSi is considered as one of the most iconic BMW V12-powered cars and it came with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Last year, Mercedes-AMG started phasing out V12 engines.

Source: BMW Blog

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