Octavia owner addresses some key concerns after 3000 km of ownership

Been a Skoda customer for the past 12 years, previously owning a Rapid TDI.

BHPian Travelfarbeyond recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I love you 3000! Octi

That's would be my favourite pickup line from Avengers Endgame on completing just over 3000 km with Octavia L&K. A lot good has been already been said about this machine (92 pages and counting...) however I want to ensure to focus on a few points which are the concern for folks who are interested to buy but just not able to firm their decision.

I would keep this post short & sweet and will provide my feedback on key concerns for folks who are new to Skoda. Before that, I also want to share that I'm a happy and beaming Skoda customer since 2012 (drove Rapid TDI for 1,53,000+ km in the last 10 years)

1. Unreliable Skoda Service? - those days are long gone

Never faced any part problems or delays.

The service experience has been amazing each time with Jai Auto Skoda (Gurgaon) and now with Brite Skoda Noida

Rather I'd add that it has improvised exponentially compared to 3 years ago

For example: During Covid lockdown time, Jai Auto Gurgaon centre picked up my car from Noida and dropped it back without any charges

Skoda might have overcharged a bit, but parts were always genuine without me worrying about sporadic breakdowns.

2. Low Ground Clearance? - Not a chance even with full capacity

Recently drove on the roughest 3-4 km village patch (with big craters created by village tractors) with 4 adults seated and the bottom did not scrape even once

Of course, one has to be a smart driver and not act rashly.

3. Initial Drag? - What's that?

I do Noida - Gurgaon every day in the worst traffic which can take the micky out of anyone, however, the Octavia is a delight to drive.

This powerful machine dances along with you, it can amble along nicely at low speeds and with a gentle tap on the accelerator and Octavia shoots ahead like a bazooka - all of it in Drive mode

4. Low Mileage of 8-10 km?

I have clocked 15.7 km/l in NCR-Delhi in evening office hours; now we are talking about a 2.0L turbo-petrol with 190 HP.

You have to drive it smartly to find that Easter egg. Typically in NCR-Delhi jams, I get between 11 - 12.5 km/l. Its sweet spot is between 50-60 km/h where in it can give you 15-16 km/l and that is still under city traffic conditions.

I'm sure on the highway it might go a little higher but I have not tested that personally.

So, guys, that's the magic of the Octavia and I'm looking forward to a long innings with this beautiful car.

I recently discovered that my maps can go full screen even in android auto. So that's one advantage of google maps showing the full view.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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