Ola customer care closes my ticket without my consent: Issue unresolved

If Ola Electric doesn't improve its customer service, I see it dying a slow death and other players like TVS, Ather, Bajaj and even new brands like River becoming people's first choice.

BHPian bijims recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I received a call yesterday from Ola customer care asking me to close my ticket, I told them "First of all you provided me with a scooter with excessive panel gaps all around, then you made me visit the service centre far away and when I reached there you made me wait three hours and after that, you gave me a reply that it is a manufacturing defect and nothing can be done of it" I told them I couldn't close the ticket as my issue isn't resolved.

They didn't even do an inch of help and I had to resort to X and Team-BHP to get a ticket and appointment raised. Now you want me to close the ticket without any resolution whatsoever, he was speechless and told me after a while to raise a new ticket as social media escalations couldn't be left open for so long. I told them to let it be open until it's resolved. He didn't reply and cut the call.

Today as I see it the ticket has been closed without my consent. This is the kind of customer service that Ola provides you with. Even if I try to re-open the ticket, the App doesn't allow me to do so, therefore, I have requested the re-opening of the ticket through their social media handles and hopefully this time they do something about it, at least some of the major issues.

Ola may sell 50k (like last month) or even lakhs of scooters per month with their aggressive marking and offers and remain number one on the sales charts for a while, but that will get them so far. If they truly want to sustain the momentum and remain the number one choice in the 2W-EV segment, they need to improve their customer service drastically and after-sales as well first including the service centre experience, and secondly their Quality Control Mechanisms (the massive panel gaps, poor fit and finish, build quality are the worst I have seen).

If these don't improve rather quickly, I see them dying a slow death and other players like TVS, Ather, Bajaj or even other up-and-coming brands like River may eclipse them and become the customers' first choice.

Like the lakhs of other Ola customers, I too hope that the service experience and quality issues are ironed out and our voices heard, it is a pity that a product with so much promise is bogged down by poor after-sales and customer care that doesn't even care! You have to beg the service centre staff to get your scooter taken in. That is the kind of environment that Ola has created, they have made customers pay at least a lakh or more for their scooters and have turned them into beggars many of whom relent the day they choose an OLA. They didn't come to Ola with their hard-earned money to have their scooters in the service centre catching dust for months and be served with arrogant customer care and service centre staff who treat these owners like beggars.

I don't see what pride these service centre staff have in having over 50 to 100 scooters outside waiting for service or repair, It is not only the service centre staff to blame here, they are overwhelmed with the number of defects these scooters have, especially the GEN 1 range and some of the Hub motor models. So the only solution is improvement in quality, more service centres (per the sales) with well-trained staff.

With the kind of issues being reported I don't think the 600 service centres planned would be enough. The sales numbers and problems associated with the scooters are so large that even the existing 400+ are filled to the brim with scooters, and getting an appointment is a task in itself.

Hopefully, OLA understands this and improves on these vital aspects.

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