Only niggle in an otherwise good service experience of my XUV700

Can others chime in with what engine oil they were provided with at the service?

BHPian dkaile recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

One year/10 K service done today at CAI Automobiles, Coimbatore. No issues to report except a nagging rattle from somewhere on the left front side which they couldn't rectify. They impressed me first up when I saw the service technicians using a proper torque wrench on the wheel lug nuts; swear this was the first time in my life I saw this tool in the hands of any ASS employee. Pretty good experience overall.

Only fly in the ointment: Mahindra isn't training their SAs on the vehicle specs adequately. I had to inform them that the recommended engine oil was Maximile Ultra V4 (Shell) and not Maximile Ultra (Valvoline). The latter is to be used only if the recommended oil can't be procured for some reason, as per the Mahindra booklet again. All this was befuddling news to them, and both the SA & CRM appeared as if they'd seen the booklet for the first time, going by the amused expressions they had while turning it over. The V4 being fully synthetic vs the other being semi-synthetic was totally lost on them, and they insisted that since they've not demanded any V4 & Mahindra is supplying them with only Maximile Ultra by default, therefore it means that Mahindra is recommending it as the oil of choice. Also, the fact that they've used Maximile Ultra only on all the diesel XUV700s serviced with them so far without any complaints is apparently a testament to it. I gave up after banging my head against this logic for 10 minutes.

Can others chime in with what engine oil they were provided with at the service? Anybody used (15W40 I believe, it's not written on the can though) fully synthetic oil of any other make if they've been denied the V4 by the ASS?


Here's what BHPian Sommos had to say on the matter:

During the 30K service of my vehicle, V4 was not available at the ASC. I had refused the service and raised a complaint with the CC. The ASC had arranged the V4 engine oil from a nearby dealer within a day and the 30K service was done the next day.

You can try raising the issue with the CC quoting your manual.

Here's what BHPian northstar* had to say on the matter:

I think the availability of V4 is still a question in places other than tyre 1 & 2 cities. I had asked specifically for V4 in my 30k service and no one in the ASS was even heard of it. We have a group of 200 XUVs from Kerala and no one has ever experienced V4 yet !!!

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