Over 20 pros and cons of my MG Hector diesel after 26,000 km

My only gripe is that MG has not bothered to launch a Diesel automatic which would have competed with the Tata Harrier and Jeep Compass.

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A concise review of my MG Hector Diesel Sharp after 1 year and 26000 km.


  1. Best in terms of space in this segment. The rear seat space and boot space are too good. Gives a proper big SUV feeling. With big windows and a sunroof, the inside looks airy and spacious.
  2. Though big in size, easy to drive in the city also.
  3. The 2.0 L Fiat engine is powerful. Just tap the accelerator for quick overtakes even in 5th or 6th gear at the right RPM and the engine pulls along without any lag. At lower gears, it pulls effortlessly.
  4. The Diesel engine is fuel efficient for such a big and heavy car - got an average of 19.2 kmpl after driving 26000 kms in a year translating to a cost per km of Rs. 4.50.
  5. 60L fuel tank gives a range of 1000+ kms before fuel low warning, resulting in fewer re-fueling trips.
  6. Audio - the Infinity audio system is excellent.
  7. Things like a sunroof, the ICE with a big display, ventilated seats, powered driver and passenger seats, connected features, powered tailgate, TPMS, cruise control etc. add to the feel-good and value-for-money features.
  8. Absolutely no vibrations or rattles after 1 year.
  9. Very good NVH levels and engine noise is almost nil when driven relaxed at 5th or 6th gears at 1800 RPM.
  10. No DPF issues so far.
  11. Solid build quality and no uneven panel gaps. Excellent fit and finish.
  12. Commanding view from the driver seat resulting in good visibility.
  13. Ride quality is good. The car just glides over rough roads at moderate speeds.


  1. No AT in Diesel.
  2. Not so good in handling and driving dynamics.
  3. Speeds above 100 kmph are not confidence-inspiring.
  4. Font size is very small in ICE as well as MID. Trip meter information is very basic.
  5. Lack of physical buttons for AC is a major inconvenience.
  6. The auto AC always works in re-circulation mode. Fresh air mode cannot be selected in auto AC.
  7. No memory function for powered seats.
  8. Headlights are just adequate.
  9. Biege upholstery is difficult to maintain.
  10. The rear becomes totally dirty when driving in the rain. Not sure about similar cars.

All in all, the Hector is a very good VFM car with everything neatly put together. No complaints in general for me, as owning a car is not only for convenience but peace of mind too, without niggles and failures. Only gripe is MG has not bothered to release a Diesel AT which would have competed with Harrier and Compass.

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