Own a 16-year-old Bajaj XCD: Overhaul it or sell and buy a new bike?

I haven't touched the bike since 2020. Now, it is in a state of mess.

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Hi all,

In 2007, I bought my first bike, Bajaj XCD 125. After using it for 3-4 years as my primary transportation for about 30k kms, I bought my first car in 2010 and since, I have not been riding the bike as much as the car. Since 2014 or so, the usage was minimal for local shops and just a few kms here and there... Once in a while, I would use it for going to office but even after that, at most, I have travelled for 5-6k kms. Regardless, I used to get it serviced once in a while to keep it up and running.

Then came COVID, I did not even touch the bike since 2020. Now, it is in a state of mess. Pre-covid, I did replace the battery and got it serviced once in late 2020 as well but did not use it. The registration of the bike expired in October 2022.

Here are some of the issues I have with the bike:

  1. This was taken on a bike loan from Bajaj Auto Finance. I have given them cheques (back in the day before UPI or debit cards were the norms) for all the EMIs and they cleared them too. I do not have a NOC from them as there was some conflict when they said there is still one more EMI due and long story short, I don't have a NOC from them.
  2. Last few years of the usage, I always had the starting problem... It takes many kicks for the bike to start and it is probably not just the battery. After a service, it works once or twice and it goes back to this issue. I just ignored it as I have not been using it very often.
  3. Expired registration needs renewal and follow-up with BAFL is cumbersome considering the time it consumes.

Now, I am in need of a bike/scooter that will take me to the nearby park and get some groceries more often than before. I was considering either buying a new bike (which is not possible as no HM permission) or doing a complete overhaul and re-using this XCD.

I am not sure if this is can be done or not. Please let me know your thoughts and I hope some neutral perspectives will help me make up a better decision.

Appreciate all that you do!


Here's what BHPian Senotrius had to say on the matter:

Depends on the cost of the overhaul. Two, I don't think they'll ever completely solve the issues. Even my BS6 Dominar has engine shutting issues which they cannot solve for some reason for a few years now. If the overhaul amount is too much, you may consider a second-hand bike/scooter that's still in production. Like the Activa/Access line. Or the evergreen hero models. Spare parts availability and reliability matter. Go for Honda/Suzuki. Essentially I think you want a fill-it-shut-it-forget-it 2-wheeler.

Here's what BHPian aargee had to say on the matter:

If you're emotionally attached, then, please restore the motorcycle to perfection

If you're not emotionally attached to XCD, then better to scrap it for the below reasons:

  1. Spares are rare
  2. Technology has moved on & there're better motorcycles now
  3. For groceries & errands, a gearless scooter is much more suited than a motorcycle today
  4. Even if you restore, the cost will be nearly 1/3rd+ (for perfection) or ~1/4th (sufficient to run)of a new motorcycle
  5. Even after restoration, the bike will not last long like a new one because:
  • Restoration always includes new, old & near worn-out parts
  • Such a restoration will have wear & tear much faster
  • If all the parts are changed no matter worn out or not, a new motorcycle will cost cheaper
  • Only a perfect mechanic/ASC who's genuinely interested in keeping your XCD pristine can help for longer life

A new Pulsar 125 (suggesting an equivalent on capacity) should cost ~1 Lakh OTR (or Platina 110 for FE ~85K OTR); but can sustain very well, trouble-free for the next 5 years for sure & 8+ years if used sparingly & taken care well. Or Honda Shine 125 that easily sustains for 10 years under standard maintenance perhaps at the OTR < 1 Lakh.

Here's what BHPian ninjatalli had to say on the matter:

If your requirement is strictly only for neighbourhood grocery runs and sorts, then it might make sense to get the bare minimum done on the bike and use it till it lasts. A 16-year-old bike in a condition like yours is not going to get any value in the market so no use going in that direction.

Battery and ignition issues are solvable - figure out a good local FNG mechanic and he'll be able to get the bike running and at not a large hit to the wallet. You don't need to do a complete overhaul - just get the basics running and you'll be fine for your local runs. We had similar issues with our unused 2004 Activa and it was diagnosed with the replacement of ignition coils and other minor repairs.

As for the expired registration (and by that no insurance or PUC) and the pending NOC, it's going to be a good amount of effort to go down that rabbit hole. See if you can get the registration done via an agent and/or online; at least for the 3rd party insurance & PUC. But either way, the earlier point on limiting it to local neighbourhood runs only would be the key point for your next decision (to retain or to buy).

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