Petrol dominates all segments, except UVs

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Model sales for FY2019 show that petrol variants dominate in all segments except the UV segment.

The entry-level hatchback segment has no diesel variants and hence, petrol accounts for 100% of the models sold. According to the figures, in the compact hatchback segment, petrol cars account for 89% of the total sales, while in the premium hatchback segment, the petrol car share is 83%.

Among the sub-4m sedans, the share of petrol cars is 59%, while diesel cars accounted for 41%. Among the C2 sedans, the figures stood at 69% and 31% for petrol and diesel variants respectively, and among premium sedans (D1), it was 75% and 25% respectively. In the luxury sedan segment (D2), 52% of the cars sold were petrol powered, while the remaining 48% were diesels.

Among the SUVs, petrol accounts for 19% and diesel accounts for 81% of total sales in the CUV segment. The figures stood at 18% and 82% in the mid-size SUV segment, and 3% and 97% in the premium SUV segments for petrol and diesel variants respectively.

In the MUV segment, petrol accounts for 19% and diesel accounts for 81%. The Innova Crysta is the highest selling model in this segment with diesel variants accounting for 99% of its total sales. The share of petrol variants of the Maruti Ertiga is almost similar to that of its diesel variants.

In the lifestyle off-roader segment, petrol accounts for 35% and diesel accounts for 65%.

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