Pink fluid in my 2 month old Brezza's bonnet area: What could it be?

I cleaned up some of the fluid, and since then, I've driven about 120 kilometers.

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I own a Brezza torque converter automatic, which I purchased two months ago. I've driven a total of 800 kilometers so far, and the first service has already been completed. Yesterday, while traveling from Bangalore to a destination 250 kilometers away, I opened the bonnet(don't know why) and noticed pink, oily fluid on multiple components. I've attached some pictures for reference. I cleaned up some of the fluid, and since then, I've driven about 120 kilometers. To my observation, the same amount of fluid remains on the same components, suggesting no new fluid leak. I also had a local mechanic inspect it, but he couldn't identify the source of the issue. Notably, there are no warning lights illuminated on the MID.Please note that yesterday was the first time I drove my car at high speed, with the maximum reaching 120 km/h. The car didn't go beyond 120 km/h even with the pedal fully depressed.

Could someone please assist me in understanding what this mysterious fluid might be, and do I need to urgently visit the service center?

PS: I am not a new driver, I have done 60,000 KM on my previous car with manual transmission.

Here's what BHPian shankar.balan had to say on the matter:

Pink oily Fluid cannot be coolant. Coolant isnt oily.

To me, sight unseen, I think it can possibly be a brake fluid leak OR ATF leak. No other possibility comes to mind.

Please have the car taken immediately to the service centre and start a thorough investigation. Also keep a check on your insurance. Being a brand new it probably covers all critical Components, engine and gearbox and all.

Here's what BHPian NomadSK had to say o the matter:

This looks like a coolant leakage/splash and has been stagnant there for a long time before it was observed.

Check underside of the bonnet, do you have pink fluid splashes or marks there too ? If yes, it could be a leakage in the coolant from some of the hoses/joint, since it’s a closed loop pressurized system and getting splashed in various directions. However, as car is almost new, I’m ruling out any wear and tear issue related to the hose.

Another way to troubleshoot is to run your car and check the radiator/cooling system while it’s in hot condition. Any leakage would be visible. Check for the rubber hose connections to the engine and radiator for indications of any leakage.

Also check the overflow container of the coolant and the lid is properly closed, but coming out from there is a least possibility unless there is physical damage to the plastic container or the lid is loose, which any mechanic would have checked in the first place.

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Please check you brake master cylinder and brake oil level on the top up bowl. More of leakage is dangerous and could affect your brake's performance. Presently please keep a brake oil refill bottle to top up everytime you see the level dropping below minimum.

And your Brezza needs to go to the service centre at the earliest to get its brake master cylinder and the system thoroughly checked.

Here's what BHPian shancz had to say on the matter:

Find out what's pink in the car, typically coolants of OAT/HOAT types are pink, more info in Vishy76's thread (Types of Coolants and debunking myths associated with grades & colours).

Apart from that brake fluids could be reddish in colour. No idea about the ATF.

I am going with a coolant leak/spray under the occasional high load driving hypothesis.

Probably due to the coolant reservoir cap or the radiator cap not closed properly or a puncture/leak in the coolant hose. Thankfully this is easy to check and rule out.

Check your coolant reservoir for loss of fluid, a misaligned cap(green) or any punctures. Also check if the radiator cap(next to the coolant reservoir cap) is properly closed. Instructions are marked on the cap itself.

The pink circle in the image below is the reservoir cap(green), check if its closed properly. It usually(not sure if its the same in Brezza) has an arrow mark on the cap and one on the reservoir below which should be aligned:

PS :

I once had green liquid exactly on the location you've marked on the battery and around the coolant reservoir. As expected the mechanic hadn't aligned/closed the reservoir cap properly and when the pressure was high enough it would've sprayed the coolant around. When I checked the cap was misaligned by barely a centimetre.

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