Pre-worshipped car of the week : Used Mercedes E-Class (W212)

The W212 is the 4th generation E-Class that had its worldwide debut in Europe in '09. You'll get V6 petrol and diesel engines, as well as the workhorse 4-cylinder diesel. The handsome facelift was launched in 2013. These cars are available in the market from prices as low as 9 lakhs for the earlier models and around 15 - 17 lakhs for top-class newer ones.

The E-Class is Mercedes' bread & butter sedan. It has been the car of choice for old-moneyed business folk, while BMW & Audi are perceived as being more fresh and young at heart. The E-Class doesn't shout 'fun to drive' or 'on the edge', but the 2013 facelift was designed to appeal to a younger, more diverse customer base. One thing for sure - this W212 E-Class has a timeless appeal, and can still turn heads.

• Jack of all trades, master of some. All-rounded nature
• Top-notch build & quality, inside out
• Best-in-class rear seat comfort. Waaaaay superior to the 5-Series
• Superb V6 engines, especially the E350 diesel
• Balanced ride quality + handling. Outstanding brakes
• 5-star safety & technology
• Beautifully engineered. The small touches will make you smile
• Maintained as per Merc guidelines and you'll easily see 200,000+ km (just ask European taxi owners)
• Lots of value-for-money. You can get an immaculate piece for 12 - 16 lakhs
• Has aged well. Looks handsome, even today

• Not as much fun to drive as the same-price BMWs
• Major repairs can be eye-wateringly expensive
• Some problem areas are there (including the air-con)
• Forget the authorised dealer; you'll need a very competent independent garage
• Be prepared to spend some time & effort in its upkeep
• Steering at high speeds is lighter than we prefer
• V6 engines deliver just 6 - 7 kmpl in the city
• Not as well-equipped as its rivals

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Mod Potential:

Very high mod potential, being an incredibly popular model worldwide. You can get anything you want, including  a tuning box, body kits, interior enhancements, suspension / brake upgrades & more. With the internet & your credit card, you can customise your E-Class anyway you want.

Here are some examples we found interesting 2010 44,300 km E3502011 29,500 km E250 CDI2012 33,000 km E2002012 42,800 km E350 CDI , 2013 32,000 km E250 CDI) Included are the pictures of the 2010 E350 petrol - 44,000 km done, with an asking price of Rs. 10 lakhs.

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