Made a mistake dealing with Maruti True Value: Frustrating experience

The only silver lining in this whole episode is that the used Maruti S-Presso AMT that I bought from them is in good condition.

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Struggles with Maruti True Value: Name Transfers, Insurance Hurdles, and Frustrations

After buying the car, I had trouble changing its name with the inefficient Maruti team. The whole buying experience wasn't good, and dealing with Maruti True Value was a nightmare. The only positive was that the car itself was fine, which stopped me from worrying too much. If the car hadn't been in good condition, considering how frustrated I was, I might have fired it immediately.

Alright, let me get to the part. As you all know how it went during the buying experience. Now, after the purchase, I requested them to do a name transfer ASAP. The manager assured me that I would receive a call from someone. I did get a call from a guy, who requested a few documents, and I sent them immediately via WhatsApp. However, since then, there has been no response from either of them. When I call, they don't pick up, and if I message them on WhatsApp, they read it but don't respond.

The issue is that the car insurance was nearing expiration, and I'm facing a dilemma over renewal. KYC is mandatory (which no one has mentioned), but since the car is still registered under the previous owner, they need to agree to complete the KYC for me. Unaware of this process earlier, I proceeded to renew the insurance on Policy Bazaar and got stuck in the KYC process with no response from Maruti's side or the previous owner's side. There's an unresolved payment refund issue with the previous owner, making them unwilling to cooperate. (KYC can only be done by the person whose name is mentioned on the RC).

Despite repeatedly asking Maruti to change the name before the insurance expiry for a smoother process, they missed doing so. Consequently, I had to cancel the insurance from Policy Bazaar since the pending KYC prevented further progress. They cancelled and refunded the payment. (At least Policy Bazaar customer care seems to be great).

Now that my car insurance has expired, there has been no response over the phone. I sent my dad to their location, and they claimed they couldn't proceed because I didn't answer their call. They assured me to arrange a call from the same guy again. Surprisingly, I received no calls from him, and there were no missed calls in my call log.

After some follow-up, this guy asked me for 5500/- as a charge for name transfer, which I paid immediately and shared the screenshot. He replied with "ok sir," marking the first response from Maruti on WhatsApp. However, I was well aware that a name transfer without active insurance would be problematic, and I conveyed this to him. He assured me that they knew people who could proceed without insurance, claiming they had done name transfers without active insurance a few days back.

Despite patiently waiting for one week, and then two weeks, my car is still standing at home without insurance, and I am unable to use it. After two weeks, there has been no response on WhatsApp or calls as usual.

So, I went straight to the office again and discovered they could not proceed without active insurance. The guy claimed he was not aware that insurance was required for the name transfer. He said he would check and suggested talking to the previous owner to do KYC themselves. I offered to provide my Policy Bazaar ID and asked them to put the insurance, and I would pay for it. However, they couldn't arrange for the KYC with the previous owner.

In my search for a solution, I found an agent who could put insurance on my car without KYC. The agent advised me to complete the name transfer quickly, and later we could change the insurance name and do KYC with my details. Another suggestion Policy Bazaar recommended putting only third-party insurance without KYC. Although I wasn't entirely happy with it, I managed to secure insurance without KYC through the agent, and it now reflects in the portal.

Now, I've shared the insurance copy with them (Truevalue) and have been waiting for two weeks with no response. I reached out again, and although they read the message, there is still no response. I'm contemplating going to their office again, as waiting for their reply has been futile.

This has been an extremely frustrating experience. I acknowledge making a mistake in dealing with True Value. The only silver lining is that the vehicle itself is in good condition. Without that, I can't imagine having to deal with them for service issues as well.

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