Rating my 10,000 km run Creta diesel automatic and my 4 other cars

The rear suspension of the Hyundai isn't as good as that of the Jeep Compass or Mercedes CLA.

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Impressions after 10,000 km

After driving the Creta close to 10,000 km, I am sharing my observations and I'll try to rate all my cars in each department.


It feels so easy to drive - Light steering + all-around visibility + TC AT all help to make the driving experience better. Ladies at my home prefer Creta the most for taking out.

Creta > Seltos 1.5 NA > Ciaz> CLA> Compass.


Highway speed stability is good. I have driven it on Samruddhi Mahamarg and Delhi- Mumbai Expressway multiple times at 120 kmph. Inside the cabin, it doesn't feel like the car is going that fast.

One thing I have observed is that the rear suspension of Creta isn't as good as Compass or CLA. At 120 kmph and going over some undulations, it doesn't settle as fast as the rear suspension of CLA or Compass would settle back. This is a very minute Teambhpian observation (IYKYK), a normal person can't feel this.

CLA > Compass > Creta> Ciaz = Seltos 1.5NA


It is giving me constant around 12 to 14 kmpl inside the city and 18 to 20 kmpl out on the highway.

Here I have observed that mileage is very sensitive to the throttle input, which isn't the case for the Diesel engines. Mileage can go as low as 7 kmpl during heavy acceleration till 20+ kmpl with less throttle input. This thing doesn't happen in Ciaz, CLA or Compass. I think BS6 norms are the culprit here.

CLA > Ciaz > Compass > Creta > Seltos 1.5 NA


It is very good. When I am driving my other cars my mind misses the suspension of Creta. It is perfectly balanced between Soft and Firm.

Ciaz > Creta > Compass > Seltos > CLA.


Acceleration is good. 250 Nm of torque shows its presence in picking up speeds. There is a good amount of power from 2000 rpm to 3500 rpm after which it feels flat at 4500 rpm.

Checked multiple times and It goes 0 to 100 in dot 10.5 secs.

CLA = Compass > Creta > Ciaz > Seltos 1.5NA.

Things which could have been better

  • The thickness of the window glass is very less, it is absolutely thin. I mean just a slight punch by a thief is enough to break it.
  • A 360-degree camera should be given in the 2023 top model also.
  • High beam should be better.
  • Halogen fog lamps look bad with LED headlamps.

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