RC card shortage delaying ownership transfer of my used car

It's been exactly 90 days since I have bought the Tata Safari Storme and still, the car is not in my name.

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In the month of August this year, I bought a used car. The buying and the initial ownership experience have been written under this thread.

The car is originally MH-02 registered and is currently hypothecated. The loan is duly closed by the first owner, and I have got a copy of the bank NOC with respect to this. I stay in Pune, and hence the new address is going to be that of Pune.

The ownership transfer application was submitted in the MH-02 RTO on 25th Aug (as visible on the online portal). However, since then there is absolutely no progress of the transfer application.

When I checked with the dealer (who is responsible for the ownership transfer), he is citing that there is a huge shortage of smart cards to print the RCs in the MH-02 (and also in MH-47) RTO. Due to this shortage, the ownership transfer of hypothecated vehicles is specifically impacted because of the need to print the RC twice in the entire process. The current process of ownership transfer of hypothecated vehicles is as follows:

  • Hypothecation Removal -> RTO will first remove the hypothecation and print a new RC in the name of the existing owner. The new RC will be sent to the existing owner's registered address via post.
  • Ownership Transfer -> Apply for ownership transfer with the original copy of the new RC (RC without hypothecation). Post ownership transfer on the records, another RC will be printed in the name of the new owner and then sent to his/her registered address via post

Due to this shortage and the existing backlog of the new RCs to the printed, it seems the RTOs are not prioritising the applications for hypothecation removal in the first place. Moreover, RC printing and couriering this to the owner's address takes months. And there is no provision for the RTO agent to take the RC delivery 'by hand', so that, once the hypothecation is removed, he can immediately apply for ownership transfer then and there itself (without having to wait for the RC to get delivered by post).

It's been exactly 90 days since I have bought this car, and still, the car is not in my name. Due to this, I am not able to transfer the insurance in my name, neither I am able to buy comprehensive insurance (currently it is insured only for third-party risks).

Moreover, all the risks of 'a used car not transferred' are still applicable to me and to the previous owner, even though there is a delivery challan in place.

Can anyone guide how do I expedite the transfer process? Is there anyone who has faced or is facing similar challenges at the moment?

Here's what BHPian iTNerd had to say on the matter:

Take the service of an agent who will know how to deal with the RTO processes and workarounds. I believe a paper-based RC can also be requested in lieu of a smart card and the agent should be able to 'manage' a way to physically get the new RC from the RTO without needing to courier it to your address. I am saying this because I had applied for a new RC to remove hypothecation plus correction of VIN number through an agent in Noida, UP. And it took me around 2 weeks for the whole process.

Here's what BHPian libranof1987 had to say on the matter:

Why don't you add comprehensive insurance to the policy (in the earlier owner's name) by paying for it yourself?

Try filing an RTI; they tend to magically get things moving.

Here's what BHPian condor had to say on the matter:

I am not able to understand why the RC card will be printed twice. But yes, there looks to be a shortage of RC cards all across.

Dealers - esp the used car sellers, normally have agents working for them to complete the transfer process.

Additional point:

  • Once the transfer has been done in your name, ask the dealer to get you an extract of the ownership details which you can keep in the Storme till you get the RC.

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