Real world fuel efficiency of the 2020 Mahindra Thar petrol AT

On the flip side it has also given me that joyous power delivery and whoosh and that feeling of invincibility.

BHPian shankar.balan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Here is the real world fuel efficiency.

I had filled up last Monday morning after returning from a three day weekend highway trip. I had done about 358kms at good highway speeds - driving at a max 120kmph and it had drunk 43 litres. 8.32kmpl.
My meter readout showed an average 9.2 kmpl consumption.

During this week I drove the vehicle for brief sojourns inside the city in heavy traffic and all. On the weekend I took it for golf on some bad roads and for fun I briefly put it into 4H. Also a goodish highway run on the way back where I was cruising past 110kmph.

Then again early this morning I just wanted to give it a highway run till around Attibele and back. General 100-110kmph. Put it into 4H briefly this morning also on a loose surface. Came back and filled up again. My meter readout still showed an average 9.2 kmpl consumption.

It took in 21.5 litres of petrol. And I have done 150kms. So its effectively given me 7.14kmpl. Which is really horrible fuel efficiency.

But then on the flip side it has also given me that joyous power delivery and whoosh and that feeling of invincibility. So in my book the trade off is ok.

Now tomorrow morning onwards I am on another 3 day highway plus hills trip for a wedding and golf. I guess I will be doing about 600-700kms. The tank is full presently as of this morning’s fill.

Let me monitor it again on this next trip and see what FE I get. I have reset the FE counter as can be seen.

Basically from my experience over the last 21 months, don't buy the petrol Thar if you're looking for phenomenal FE.

Buy it as a toy if you're looking for some ‘jollies’. There is no substitute for the whoosh of its acceleration and whacking it across ‘terrain’ or on the verge, when overtaking some recalcitrant chap who refuses to give way. It is a tough beast and one just doesn't feel guilty cracking it along on our non existent roads on a day to day basis.

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