Replacing the brake pads & fluid of my Ford Aspire costs me Rs 3.3K

The total cost also includes a new power window switch for one of the rear doors.

BHPian NaXal recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I got my 2017 Ford Aspire TDCi yearly service ahead of schedule at an FNG I know. And now I decided to get the brake pads replaced at an authorised service centre. I also needed to replace the brake oil.

Decided to call my nearest Ford ASC, Kaikan Ford located at Birati, Kolkata. No one received the call on Sunday. Dropped a message to my usual SA on WhatsApp, seen but no response received. Called up the number again on Monday, and reception received and could only give me a date next week if I wanted an early morning appointment for same-day work. They were full of cars. Disappointed but took a date and called my SA to vent out my frustration as they were too busy to replace a simple disc brake pad for a whole week.

To my surprise, my SA asked if I could visit him today in the second half, and he agreed to do the job on that day itself.

So I did.

Top up / Why replace?

Rs. 2000/- was quoted for this job. It was lower than what Ford Service Promise was quoting so I asked won't you replace the Brake Oil? SA said no need for oil replacement for a disc pad change, they were to bleed & top up as needed. But I insisted on that oil change. So he further added another 1k on top of the quote for oil replacement.

Replace / don't repair

During the usual vehicle check, my rear power window switch was found acting up. Operation from the Front power window control switch to that left side rear window was fine but from the dedicated individual power window switch, roll-up operation was acting up. Banging the switch or panel would make it work at times.

I felt like a loose connection or maybe sulfur accumulation at the tips of the connectors.

However, SA had only one solution for this, replace the switch.


Rs. 290/- a piece, 4 per wheel

While they were working on the car, SA came up with another problem with my car. Wheel lug nuts were shot and in bad condition. As per them, it required immediate replacement.

But Rs. 5k for 16 nuts? I skipped the job for a later date.

Total bill

  • Brake Pads - MRP Rs. 1.5k
  • Power Window Switch - MRP Rs. 654/-
  • Around 2L brake oil, Total Bill - Rs. 3.3k (Parts and Labour)

Not sure how they calculate their quote estimate and actual bill. But I am satisfied with the ultimate pocket-friendly bill.


Someone, please suggest me some aftermarket wheel nuts. Rs. 300/- a piece for a Ford OEM part feels too costly. Don't we have some cheaper aftermarket options?

Secondly, can I trust the GoMechanic online store? I am unable to procure a 1L pack of Mobil Super 3000 X1 5W30 and they seem to be the only online store in town with the stock. I feel like adding another 300ml top-up since I am running lower than recommended.

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