Researchers unlock Tesla cars in seconds via Bluetooth hack

The cybersecurity firm doesn't yet have a solution to the problem.

Sultan Qasim Khan, a researcher from the cybersecurity firm NCG Group has found a vulnerable flaw in the Bluetooth technology used to lock/unlock vehicles.

Using the latest Tesla Model 3 & Model Y as examples, researchers demonstrated how easy it is to hack into the Bluetooth technology, unlock the car and drive away. The researchers used a relay device connected to a laptop, which mimics the signal of a trusted device and unlocks the car. However, researchers state that hackers could get into the system even remotely, without having to be present anywhere near the vehicle.

The technology in question is called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which allows owners to unlock & operate their cars via their smartphones, when within a certain proximity range. The technology was never said to have been developed with security in mind, hence any "cheap off-the-shelf hardware" is sufficient to unlock a car using the BLE technology from anywhere in the world.

While Teslas were used to demonstrate the vulnerability, researchers state that the BLE technology is offered on millions of vehicles across the world. It is not just limited to cars but also tech such as smartwatches, laptops, smartphones, residential smart locks & many others.

The NCG Group criticizes those using the BLE tech for security systems, as it goes beyond its 'intended purposes'. However, the cybersecurity firm doesn't yet have a solution to the problem.

Source: Reuters

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