Royal Enfield Classic 500 scale model costs as much as a 100cc scooter

The 1:3 scale model of the Classic 500 was showcased at Rider Mania 2022

Royal Enfield has launched the most affordable bike in the Indian market, but it’s not what you think.

Alongside the Super Meteor 650, Royal Enfield showcased a 1:3 scale model of the Classic 500 at Rider Mania 2022. This limited edition miniature model costs Rs 67,990 and the bike maker is taking bookings for Rs 2,000.

The Classic 500 scale model is available in 18 different colours. The level of detail on these bikes absolutely stunning. Like the production bike, the scale models also feature a single-seat, wire-spoke wheels and a peashooter exhaust.

This 1:3 scale model can be a great addition to your collection, especially if you have a similar road bike.

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