SCOOP! Renault's 4WD Duster spotted in Trivandrum

A big shout-out to Bijoy B S for sharing these pictures of the 4WD Duster. Bijoy spotted the Duster 4WD in Trivandrum, Kerala and the car looked production ready. Its launch is just around the corner. 

Renault already makes the 4 wheel drive variant of the Duster at its Chennai factory for export markets. The Duster's 4WD version sold in the UK comes with what Renault terms as an 'intelligent 3-mode all-wheel drive system'.

The three mode 4WD was developed using Nissan's technology, and the different driving modes can be chosen via a rotary switch on the dashboard. Interestingly, boot space on the 4WD version is reduced to 408 L (compared to 475 L on the 4x2 version). 

The part-time 4WD system operates in the following modes

2WD: Engine torque sent to front wheels only, will ensure that fuel consumption is acceptable in city driving.

AUTO: Engine torque automatically distributed to all four wheels only when required. Provides best grip in all types of road conditions. Best used during heavy rains or if snow, mud or ice are encountered. 

Lock Mode: Used for rough terrain at speeds less than 80 kph. Engine torque is provided continuously to all four wheels. 

Renault could charge a premium in excess of a lakh for the Duster 4WD. The nearest competition is from the Mahindra Scorpio & Tata Safari, both of which are more serious body-on-frame 4x4 SUVs with a low ratio transfer case. 

The Duster has been Renault's sole success in India, having sold 28,497 units in the last 6 months alone. 

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