Smiled during the entire test ride of the new CB300R: My 7 observations

The market would get flooded with the TVS Apache RTR 310 and the new Triumph Speed 400, but with this pricing, Honda will find buyers.

BHPian RD150 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I was impressed with the RTR 310. Here are my ride impressions of the motorcycle.

After test-riding the Apache RTR 310, walked into the Honda Bigwing showroom to check out the recently re-launched CB 300R.

The showroom experience was dull but boy oh boy, the bike is a hooligan!

  1. A 300cc bike with 150 cc bike dimensions, I won't call it small, it's compact, and that makes it a terrific city bike.
  2. Decent build quality, golden USD forks look beautiful.
  3. Upright riding stance, extremely nimble and fun to ride due to best-in-class low weight.
  4. 31PS, coupled with low kerb weight, makes it a hooligan! I was smiling throughout the entire test ride. Also, the throttle input is not jerky, the RTR 310 felt a bit jerky.
  5. Extremely smooth and refined engine, no vibrations whatsoever. Loved the exhaust note!
  6. Horn will remind you of the Activa. Also, horn and indicator positions have been altered.
  7. No riding modes, no quickshifter, features are definitely not a strong point. The RTR is loaded with features.

I feel the market is going to get flooded with the RTR 310 and the Speed 400. But with the new pricing, 2.9 lakh on-road Pune, the Honda CB 300R will find buyers.

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