Drove the C3 Aircross: My frank observations as an Aspire & i20 owner

The rear seat was roomy, airy and let in plenty of light. It was a very comfortable place to be.

BHPian Razor44 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took a test drive of the C3 Aircross 5 person Max variant.

My observations:

Finding a comfortable driving position was easy. Gear shift is easy but a bit notchy. Clutch travel is optimum. The drivers handrest was a bit high for me so kept it folded.

The acceleration is exhilarating. My Ford Aspire also has similar acceleration, but this was better. Handling and steering feel were superb. There is zero turbo lag. I was doing 80 in a few seconds on an open highway. But the best feature was the suspension. I have never driven the duster, but among all the cars I have driven or rode in, this was the best I have experienced so far. The car glided over bumps and potholes like they never existed. We did some "off-roading" on an excavated road with water and slush and the car was smooth and the ground clearance was adequate.

Checked the avg fuel consumption, it was 9.1 kmpl. Did a U-turn and the car were able to do that in a very short space comparable to my i20.

The rear seat was roomy, airy and let in plenty of light. It was a very comfortable place to be. There are soft touch elements in the door pad which was nice.

But there are cost cutting elements like flimsy roof liner, very cheap cabin lamps, lack of auto AC, basic key fob, lack of push button start-stop, lack of projector head lamps and rear vents in the 5-seater and these might be crucial factors for someone spending 15 lakhs for the top version. Many of these are already standard features now that everyone expects.

They should have kept the quite efficient rear vent of the 7-seater in the 5 seater too.

Amongst other things, Citroen is offering a cabin air purifier as an accessory.

Attaching the pricelist below. They were willing to allow insurance from outside, but strict on the "handling charges":

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