Software updates on my Tesla Model 3: Few improvements & a few gimmicks

Tesla has added a new fart to Emissions Testing Mode. The new fart name is called 'Verified' and features a Twitter checkmark.

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The car has done about 59,000 km so far and still going strong except I am hearing some minute rattles around the rear right C pillar while driving. I am not sure if it is the frozen windows on cold mornings or something else. Have to check when the cold freezing days are over.

The picture with Ioniq 5 at a public charging point:

Software Updates

The last couple of weeks I was busy and could not post here. Meanwhile, there have been 5 software updates since my last SW update post.

So let me walk you through the important features/improvements in them. I will club some versions together as they are just bug-fixed over their previous minor version.

2022.40.4, 2022.40.4.1 & 2022.40.4.2

  • Sentry mode and dog mode can be activated at the same time. Earlier these 2 were mutually exclusive because the dog will activate sentry alarms. Now the Sentry mode records videos when it detects intruders outside the vehicle, but does not activate the alarms when dog mode is activated.
  • The Media Player now displays radio station logos for improved discoverability when searching for favourite stations.
  • During DC fast charging, the thermal system controls have been optimized for each charging station’s power capability, improving both charging and on-route battery preconditioning efficiency. This results in fast charge time and reduced energy costs.
  • A new driver door unlock mode toggle is added. When Driver Door Unlock Mode is enabled, long pressing the interior driver door switch will unlock all doors and the trunk. I like these toggles where the user can enable or disable features depending on requirements, instead of forcing people to use it anyway.
  • One more toggle-able feature is that now we can enable normal brakes alongside regenerative braking to be applied when regenerative braking is limited. Usually during cold days or if the battery is charged to full, then regenerative braking is limited.
  • After changing to new tires or tire rotation, the old learned behaviour of the tire can be reset. This helps in the improved driving experience.
  • 'Auto' headlights will now illuminate taillights in addition to the daytime running lights. This is especially useful in these cold and dark winter mornings and evenings.
  • Tesla will now display links to relevant tutorials within vehicle menus. For example, the Navigate on Autopilot option in the Autopilot menu will have a link that reads 'Learn more in Tesla Tutorials.

  • With this update, Tesla has added a new indicator light that appears near the other indicator icons. This new indicator appears to signal that regenerative braking is limited and that brakes will be applied in order to provide a consistent experience when slowing down.


  • Sentry Mode now allows for even greater customization, including:
  1. Camera-Based Detection, which allows users to disable the use of cameras to detect threats.
  2. Sentry Mode Clip Length, which allows users to specify the length of the clip when a potential threat is detected
  • Vehicle will now display additional information about the battery in certain situations. An info icon will appear at the top of the display next to the charging details. Tapping the icon will take one to the charging details screen which will provide additional information, such as the charge rate being limited due to the battery's temperature.

  • Auto seat heating even in Manual climate control mode. When Tesla's climate system is set to Auto, it gives you the ability to let the vehicle control the temperature of your seats as well. However, if you changed the HVAC system to the manual, then you'd lose the ability to keep your seat heaters on Auto. With this update, you now have the ability to have the climate system on manually while keeping the seat heaters set to Auto.
  • Tesla has historically provided a physical button near the vehicle's hazard light switch. Newer vehicles replaced the physical SOS button with an on-screen-only button. Previously, the on-screen button was not displayed on vehicles that included the physical button, however, with this update, it's now displayed on all vehicles where Tesla supports vehicle SOS from the screen.


This one is what Tesla calls a Holiday update, where there are some goodies and visual improvements.

  • Apple Music is now added. Though I am an avid Spotify user, always good to have options.
  • One can view interior camera visuals from the phone app while dog mode and sentry mode both are active.
  • Media controls are now closer to the driver. Earlier it used to be in the centre of the screen, but it is now close to the driver's side. (pic source:

  • The above pic also has visual improvements to the navigation UI. They redesigned parts of the navigation UI to improve the layout of the next turn and available options. Previously there was a module at the top of the screen that displayed your next turn, your ETA, destination name or address, and battery level on arrival. It also included controls to cancel navigation, toggle Navigate on Autopilot and a 'more' button. This looks more cluttered and was filling up the middle part of the screen from top to bottom. With this update, Tesla is splitting this UI into two pieces. The first remains at the top of the screen and will include critical information about your route, such as your next turn. The rest of the information is moved to the bottom of the screen. This will include your travel time, destination details, as well as options to alter or cancel your navigation.
  • This is a long pending feature. Finally, I can adjust fan speed intensity while remaining in AUTO climate by selecting between 'LO', 'MED', and 'HI' from the fan intensity selector on the climate control popup. Earlier it was so annoying when in auto climate control mode, the fan blows very hard in your face as soon as you enter (on a very warm or very cold day).
  • Tesla has reintroduced cards for the Model 3 and Model Y. Tesla used to have cards for these models in the lower left corner of the screen prior to last year's Holiday Update.
    These cards allow you to swipe between the newly designed media player, your odometer and trip meters and your tire pressure. This is a much-welcome move. I missed these cards to take a quick glance at consumption or tire pressure when I start for the day.

Gimmicks in the latest updates:

  • Now comes a gimmick to make some fun. You can make the car fart from the mobile app. Earlier this was possible only from within the car (eg. say when you honk or turn on indicator lights)
  • This is the next gimmick. Driving visualization can show Rainbow Road when Autopilot is active. This feature is toggleable.

  • The next gimmick is that you can now schedule a light show (up to 10 mins in advance) or synchronise the light show with multiple cars.
  • Active phone calls from a mobile device connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth will now request confirmation before transferring audio to the vehicle. Earlier this used to be automatic, but sometimes it is not handy to have the car decide it for you. Now it is much better this way.
  • The most useless feature improvement award goes to this one. Tesla has added a new fart to Emissions Testing Mode. The new fart name is called 'Verified,' and features a Twitter checkmark.

Overall, Tesla is giving me more and more reasons not to go back to native OEMs.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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